Table Tennis: Famous Moments of the Game

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Table Tennis, also known as Ping-Pong, is a very entertaining and enjoyable game. It is an international game and gained popularity in the 20th century. The game doesn’t require much equipment apart from a racket, a ball and a table or a surface to play on. It is practically a harmless game with very less chance of an injury occurring.

People of every age group can play this game as it’s very easy to play and one can learn to play this game in a very short amount of time. Table Tennis is much similar to Lawn Tennis but it uses a much smaller racket as compared to that of Tennis. In competitions, this game is played on table that is divided into two halves separated by net. The players stand on either sides of the table and are required to hit the ball so that it bounces once on their side the table, crosses the net and bounces at least once on the opponent’s side of table.

This game has been a part of the Olympics since 1988 and has been able to reach out to millions of people since then. China has been throughout dominant in this game. They have won most of the gold medals. One of the notable players of this game is Wang Che of China who happens to be a table tennis prodigy. Wang Che also participated in the Beijing Olympics.

Since becoming an Olympics sport in the 1988 Seoul Olympics for the first time, table tennis has gained immense popularity as an international sport. In the Athens Olympics of 2000 it was rated as the fifth most popular sport. Some other memorable moments of tennis are the Barcelona Olympics game of 1992 in which it distinguished itself and gained a popular name. With the upcoming Atlanta, Sydney and Athens Olympics of 1996, 2000 and 2004 respectively the audience viewing of table tennis all over the world on television as well as in stadiums increased immensely. Till now China has been on number one as far as winning medals and bringing out talented table tennis players is concerned. Till 2004 Athens Olympics they had won 20 out of 24 medals. They had only missed two gold’s both in the men’s single.

One of the most famous moments of table tennis in recent times is the Beijing summer Olympics of 2008. The game took place at the gymnasium of Peking University between 13th of August and 23rd August. For the first time in table tennis the double events which usually take place were replaces by team events. Four table tennis events in total were hosted and four medals were awarded for the same. As always , in the Beijing Olympics also the Chinese came victorious after beating Germany with a 3-0 .Some of the notable Chinese table tennis players are Ma lin who won gold at 2004 Olympics in the doubles tournament , Kong Linghui who won the grand slam in 2000 , Jiang Jialiang , Cai Zenhua and Deng Yapping who has won two gold medals at Olympics till date.

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