Systems for managing staff

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In a lot of business there are many systems which help to manage staff. I am looking at the systems which help to manage staff in the travel and tourism industry. Any business sets its own levels of quality and the internal or external excess or decides if the systems and procedures in place will guarantee the standard. This does not mean that the producer meets the standards for quality established by any outside industry but the quality standards within the business in question. Work Records Work records are kept in any organisation to keep data and information on staff.

Many work records are place on databases but also records are also keeping in large filed cabinets labelled with the employee’s names. Records are a quick and easy way of accessing information about a person. Many work records are keeping for things like references. Work records help many organisations on a daily basis. By keeping these records in a business a company can better track what there employees do and how they are performing in the business. Time Sheets: All work records have time sheets.

Time sheets are used to give details of the work done by an employee in a company and the amount of time it took to complete. Because a lot of employees are required to travel in there job role, and some, even though they are employed by an organisation may not have a permanent work base. Employees like this would have to fill in a weekly timesheet which would give those details of the movements and activates in carrying out there work. From these timesheets the employer is able to monitor each of its employees work rate and divide the hours worked into productive and non productive time.

This also includes travelling time. A lot of holidays represent ivies are required by their employers to fill in timesheets to identify the many tasks that they have to do with holiday makers. Recruitment and Selection The recruitment and selection procedures are also linked to managing staff. Recruitment and Selection is a process used by all companies to get the correct person for the job position offered. In a lot of organisations there are many employees who are doing jobs which they should us alley having nothing to do with.

This is due to the lack of trained and skilled staff who normally deals with that certain area. When you have someone who deals with an area of the business that they are trained in they can accomplices there task easier because they know what they are doing. Disciplinary and grievance Disciplinary and grievance records are kept in a business to see who has had a disciplinary or grievance talk. Again to tell when an employee has had one of these talks it is kept on a database or file.

The management of an organisation is responsible for maintain standards and keeping performance cons ant. When an employer thinks that an employee in the organisation has not carried out there job in a good and proper way a disciplinary action may be taken against that employee. All Employers must act reasonably towards the employee in question. It is vital that the organisations disciplinary procedures are clearly stated. All employees should know and understand their organisation rules and regulations as well as penalties for breaking them.

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