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The cells are linked within and between the two sheets if the software is instructed to do this. When a formula is inserted in a cell, it will obey your command if the formula is linked correctly. It is linked by typing in the = sign and then choosing the draft and pressing enter, it is very simple. SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION AND TESTING Draft 1 and Draft 2 Draft 1 and draft 2 are very similar. Draft 1 has the basic test data whereas draft 2 has more complex data such as information about the vehicle. There were also formulas working out the financial details of hiring a car (test data).


Final model The final model is basically an extension of draft 2. the appearance itself was much better than that of draft 2 as the operator has to be satsifed with the appearance as he/she will be looking every time. The final draft was far more complex than draft 2 for many reasons. Firstly, the insurance barriers were changed because an ‘IF’ formula was used in another spreadsheet. It works by enetring data for a specific thing, I. e. age and the model will automatically work out the price of hring the vehicle. Once you have inserted the information of the customer and car he/she want to hire then the program will start to work.

Also the customer has to mention how long he will hire it for etc. once all of this information has been inserted then the system begins to work. As I mentioned before, once he enters the information in the final model it will automatically transfer to the invoice as I have entered formulas. This makes the system much faster and more proficient. Final draft formula The final draft formula consisted of all the formulas used in the final draft Invoice formula The invoice formulas consists of all of the f formulas used in the Invoice Testing for customer use I tested it for customer use to ensure the costs were correct.

I need to ensure that I tested it because if it does not work then the price may be wrong and it might overcharge or undercharge the customer. If this rare situation occurs it could be very damaging to the company because if the customer has a bit of sense he could sue the company. Although my system did what I wanted it to do, it was very basic and consisted of very few, if any, graphics and logos etc. in the beginning I found it very hard but once I got going I started to understand what Mr Askew was talking about. At first I was clueless because Mr Askew gave very brief and subtle instructions.

I found it relatively easy to create and use the model using the spreadsheet software, as I was quite familiar with its components. However, I did have some trouble in creating a ‘what if’ solutions to test the data. To make the model better I could have used more logos and graphics and maybe even pictures to brighten up the system and make it more attractive instead of using texts. This obviously would have attracted a few more customers. I feel as if my choice of software was very wise as it is user friendly and is very easy to use even IF YOU ARE BEGINNERS at Microsoft Excel.

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