Superman and Me

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“The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me. ” is a story about Sherman Alexie an Indian boy who grew up on the Spokane Indian reservation, and how reading and writing helped his life became succeed, and how reading and writing helped his fate turned. At begin of story, Alexie mention that he lived in a Spokane Indian reservation. His family is poor, but his parents try hard to find a minimum-wage job or other thing to make his family being middle-class by reservation standards. Alexie’s family poor but his family still struggle to live better.

As Alexie said: “we lived on a combination of irregular paychecks, hope, fear and government surplus food. ” and Superman comics is first book to help this three years boy to read words. The writer’s father is one of a few Indians who can go to catholic school. And his father like normal young man who likes to read book. He used extra money to bought new novels. In his home filled with books. Because Alexie’ father loved books, and Alexie loved his father, therefore, his Indian boy choose to loved book too.

Alexie is a smart Indian boy, but he didn’t like to call himself a Native American, if a boy who teaches himself to reading and advances quickly. He can read “grapes and wrath” in kindergarten. And other same age children are struggling “dick and jane”. This boy should be called prodigy. But this boy is an Indian and living on the reservation. This boy is oddity. In other people’s mind the Indian reservation is a place which wind and non-civilization. Also people generally believe that Indian children are not smart. The fail is as it should be.

Alexie does not like to identify himself as an Indian, because Alexie trust he is not only smarter than Indian kids, but also smarter than other kids. Therefore, Alexie mention that: “I am smart. I am arrogant. I am lucky. I am trying to save our lives. ” He is mention that he is arrogant man. Because he is smart, and use his reading and writing to change his life, when he was became a writher. He usually go to school to help other Indian kids. He taught them how to reading and creative writing to help them save lives.

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