SUN Microsystems

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SUN Microsystems has established research centers all over EU, USA and Japan to conduct research in developing new technologies. They emphasizes on managing its process in order to deliver product that are cheap and fast maintaining a good Information Management strategy. Manipulation of information using documentation, emails and other paper works became a potential information overload for many similar companies.

Hence SUN Microsystems takes advantage of the new advance technologies to manage and maintain the information overload. Today, SUN Microsystems is more efficient, more productive and more profitable organization due to improvements of its own business processes. By playing a major role in Information Systems Management, SUN Microsystems has helped other business and non-business organizations providing them with solutions to better development and better uses of the Information Management Systems.

It has also developed ICT solutions for the education market which minimizes teachers’ administration time and cost of the institute. The main objective of the ICT solution is to helped teachers to do their jobs without any interference from the administration as well as meets the organization needs. This system can help to develop school to provide students with better infrastructure to enhance their learning skills. For example, students having privilege to access Internet from home, receive lessons or other updates related with education.

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