Summer in the City

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This past summer I had the wonderful experience of being involved in a volunteer activity known as Summer in the City. The organization’s purpose is to reach out to the Metropolitan Detroit area in an effective way by painting vandalized schools and buildings, cleaning up the streets and gardens of our beloved city, working with children, and assisting the elderly. While active in the organization this summer, one of my focal projects was serving as a camp counselor by supervising elementary school children.

My job was to make sure that the children were enjoying themselves and were active with the majority of the group in games, arts and crafts, and other activities. The program was an award for the children due to their excelled behavior in school. I also painted schools and buildings in Southwest Detroit that were destroyed with graffiti. Many of these schools had to be painted annually because of the severity of the graffiti.

I worked with a group of other volunteers in painting lockers, classrooms, and hallways. This experience was truthfully rewarding. I find this activity significant because upon completing these tasks, I felt a sense of pride for the reason that I was truly doing something to benefit others. When I have done other forms of community service, it usually involved filing papers, directing people to a certain area, or making telephone calls.

Summer in the City helped me to understand and appreciate the idea of acting in favor of others. Observing someone appreciate something I did for them generated one of the most rewarding feelings. The ultimate goal of this phenomenal and outstanding program is to connect the suburbs and the city. Summer in the City genuinely allows its volunteers to reach out to our community and efficiently aid in helping make our society beautiful, safe, and sustainable for everyone.

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