Suitability Assesment of chosen career path

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My ambition for the future is to become a teacher. I want to become a teacher because teaching has been one on my passions ever since I was young. Another reason why I want to get into teaching is because the job is more secure as it is in the public sector. This means I am less likely to be made redundant which is important factor because of the current recession. I want to work as an ICT teacher as I find ICT enjoyable and interesting from the way it changes our everyday lives to the new technologies that are constantly being invented. Another reason why I chose to choose go into the teaching sector is because I have taken multiple test and they show that I should get a job in teaching.

I have chosen to work in the teaching sector as it is a public sector job. This means that my salary would be paid to me by the government so I would be less likely to be made redundant. This is an important factor as the UK is currently in the recession. The following graph was taken from a career test I have taken. It shows that a job in the teaching sector is most suitable for me as it came up with a result of 99%. This means that I am most likely to succeed in this sector whilst enjoying myself at the same time. The career test also helped me to choose the education sector because it told me what kind of person who I am. It also told me the areas I am strong at and the areas I am weak at which allowed me to improve these.

I have chosen to working in the teaching sector because I believe I have the right personal qualities and skills which are required by a teacher, which would mean I should be able to complete my job in this sector successfully. Personal Qualities In order to work successfully in the teaching sector, there are certain qualities I need to meet. This would allow me to carry out my role as a secondary school ICT teacher better. I believe I posses most of the quality required by a teacher.

One of these qualities is that I have very good attendance and not being late and I have received many certificated for this. This is an important quality required by a secondary school ICT teacher because they if they’re late, they would be setting an example to the students. Another reason why not being late is an important quality, is because the students will get frustrated and valuable learning time is lost. Having a poor attendance record would jeopardise my chances of getting employed by a school, because when a school is looking to recruit new teachers and they see a candidate has a poor attendance record, then the chances of them being employed is lessened as the recruiters would be looking at candidates who have a good attendance record for the reason that they can rely on them to come in every day in order to teach the students.

In order for me to start teaching, I have to pass a CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) check which is done for the safety of the students. My current record shows that I haven’t gotten and past conviction therefore I can enter the teaching workforce. Having a passion for teaching is a great advantage for me when becoming an ICT teacher. This is because I would enjoy going into work every day to teach the students. This would also motivate me to make an effort to come on time every day. If I didn’t have a passion for teaching and only worked as a teacher merely for the money, it would mean I would work to the lowest possible standard which would put the student’s education in jeopardy.

I have shown many responsibilities over the years. One of my biggest responsibilities was becoming a prefect in years 10 and 11. As a prefect, I took on extra responsibilities including monitoring the lunch line so that only a set amount of students were allowed to go inside the canteen at a time. Other responsibilities included organising after school clubs in which students can attend and standing in the school hallway so that no students are inside who shouldn’t be (this was a rule enforced by the school). As a prefect, I got extra privileges such as first priority to go in the schools canteen and go out of school premises to get my lunch.

These responsibilities are similar to that carried out of the teacher and would therefore make it suitable for me to become a teacher. As well as academic responsibilities, I have also taken responsibilities at home as well. One example of this is that I was left at home with my brother while my parents attended a wedding at Brighton. This shows our parents trusted us and knew that we could take care of ourselves. Some people come to me with they have problems or upset. The can rely on me to cheer them or assist them with their problem. This is a useful quality that a teacher should have as students make come to the, on a personal level to ask them for help and guidance. Being able to solve other people problems would give me a sense of satisfaction as I know I have helped someone.

These qualities would help me get into the job because most employers tend to look for applicants who are motivated in their work as well as hardworking. This is important because if the candidates are motivated as well as hardworking, then they are more likely work to their full potential. Overall I believe that these qualities would help me get into the education sector as it shows I am the right candidate for the job.

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