Successful performance of work organization

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According to NORA (National Occupational Research Agenda), the organization of work refers to the work process and the organizational practices that influence job design, including how jobs are and human resource policies structured. There has been increasing awareness in most business of the need to have effective work organization in determining the conditions or work and their impact on worker safety, health and well being. The U. K. Work Organization Network (UKWON) stresses the need to recognize that individual competence is not enough.

It says that work organization is about crating the environment which enables people, collectively and individually, to use and develop their competences to the full and to maximize their creative potential. Organization need people who can learn and be creative, people need work to be organized in way which actively foster learning and innovation. To enhance competitive advantage and quality of working life, organization needs to crate new forms of work organizations that create a win-win environment for both employees and the management.

Work organization is a method of creating motivation to the entire work force to raise their performance. It should be aimed at making work easier rather that making it more difficult for the employees or bring about conflicts in the work place. More often, the human resource department charged with creating effective work organization should consider the organization needs and the welfares of workers before implementing any work organization policy. Every now and then, organizations tend to organize their work to create new working methods or to improve on the current methods they use.

This is usually the responsibilities of the human resource department. Work organization is important in the face of changing labor demands or in helping to meet set deadlines and goals. But for whichever reason the work organization is needed, it must meet certain criteria for it to be successful and effective. Optimal work organization describes a system that supports people in achieving the set goals with ease and satisfaction. Peak performance can be evaluated in the employee’s behavior with co-workers and with the customers.

Work organization may take several dimensions depending on the organization set goals and rules but several factors are necessary in order to build an effective work organization. An effective work organization must take into consideration the following factors. Work organization must be based on a specific goal for it to be successful. There must be set standards of carrying out duties in the new organization. The goal and the time target must be clearly communicated to those implementing the policy. This is necessary for all those involved to understand the indentation of the organization and what they are supposed to achieve at the end.

As we said earlier, work organization must take into consideration the need of the organization and the welfare of the employees. There must be a thorough reanalysis of the intended work organization and how it is going to benefit the organization and the employees in general. This means the cost-benefit analysis must be carried out effectively. The welfare of the employees is the main work of the human resource department and therefore must be considered first. This call for thorough consultation with the involved employees and the top management in the organization otherwise the work organization is going to fail.

Any work organization without the support of the executive management whether in the departmental level or in the top level of the organization will definitely not succeed. It is not enough to consult the executives only since they are not the one going implement the policy but it is the workers. Hence one factor that leads to effective work organization is thorough consultation with the involved parties and consideration of the cost-befit analysis of the organization. Successful work organization must be based on team work approach. According to Susan M.

Heathfield (2007), creating an effective teams, team work, and team building is a challenge in every organization. The environment at work fosters rugged individuals working on personal goals for personal gain. Many organizations single out the achievements of individual employees through reward, recognization and the pay systems. She faults that appraisal, performance management, promotions and goal setting systems most frequently focus on individual goals and progress and no on team building. Given these factors, it’s not a wonder to us that teams and tam work are an uphill battle in most organizations.

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