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It has been observed many times that in any organization some employees are boss’s favorite and some stay a bit away. Many times while the matter of awarding incentives comes those who walk around the bosses or flatterers take the chance and the rest stay aside waiting for their work to be appreciated. This is the most discouraged practice to do, and not a key point to run a successful business.

As soon as such people get their part they disperse and take less interest in the fair dealings and sincere contribution in the firm. On contrary those who are neglected due to such people become less efficient thinking that they don’t get their part of incentives after doing their efforts. On the whole this practice will let the boss bear the worst results. So in order to first look the companies’ interest the personal liking should be kept aside. Don’t Be Bossy

The initial point for any effective enterprise policy to establish events and mechanism to encourage sound labor associations is communication, because the whole range of issues such as productivity, small group activities, motivation and performance appraisal depends on it. The performance of employees depends a lot on the way the boss behaves with them. This includes information exchange and not merely one-way communication. Only that organization can bear changes easily where there is sufficient space for the employees to understand and communicate with each other.

For this purpose two-way communication is a must, which enhance understanding and co-operation in the overall behavior. Communication is not only important with the senior employees but also to the fresher, this communication should be in a sense of friendly attitude, sympathetic feelings and cooperative environment from the bosses towards their staff. Making employees work in such an environment, which let them avail a chance to share their problems and hurdles in their efficient performance is a very important factor in the appraisal system.

For effective communication in an organization there should not be the availability of communication at the macro level (organizational level) but also at the micro level (working groups’ level). It has been observed that introduction and implementation of motivation techniques and strategies require a number of steps that should be done before the abovementioned steps. In this regard, recognition, as well as, understanding of some of the basic principles of a company is a necessary step that results in the easiness of implementation of the motivation theories in the company.

However, underlining of human behavior is done by three significant concepts that have been discussed below: It should be realized by the employers that every implemented processes and programs should allow the participation of every employee. Thus, the key factor is the teamwork, which has superseded hierarchy in this respect. Secondly, individual assurance and integrity should be given to every employee, and respect should be given to them.

Thirdly, encouragement, credit, and rewards should be provided to the employees that present better-quality work in the company. In other words, encouragement and provision of a friendly environment may result in the effective provision of work by the motivated employees. According to the one of the famous business experts, Dale Carnegie, a good job cannot be fulfilled by the individuals that would have been employed with forced motivation. Thus, a friendly environment for the motivation of employees should be enabled in the companies.

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