Styles of Snowboarding

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Several styles of snowboarding have been developed since the times it was first accepted. Each of these styles requires specialized technique and equipment. The common styles that exist for snowboarding include freestyle, freeride, race and freecarve. The use of these styles is made for both professional as well as recreational form of snowboarding. There is some overlapping between these styles and still each of the styles of snowboarding is unique in itself.

One of the techniques in snowboarding is such where some of the obstacles such as rails are involved and the riders have to ride over them. These obstacles can be either natural in nature or they are artificially developed or man-made. These obstacles either exist in some kind of urban surroundings or in a park. Incidental jibs are also commonly found in case of free ride snowboarders. These jibs generally prove to be suitable when the snowboarders are in their run and are riding over.

One of the styles that are considered to be the most easily accessible and also the most common style of snowboarding is the free ride style. This style of snowboarding generally refers to riding down any available terrain that is available for riding. Jibs or aerial tricks may be included as a part of this style of snowboarding. Some of the tricks which are a part of this style may also be actually has been taken from the freestyle. It may also be understood to be similar to alpine snowboarding wherein deep carve turns may be involved. The equipment that is made use of in the style of freeriding is a stiff soft boot. This is available with a twin snowboard which is generally directional in nature. Such kind of equipment is required as the rider has to face the snow conditions of different types which may be characteristic of presence of powder and ice.

Since there may be several stiff snow conditions that may be encountered in case of freeride style, therefore, even the equipment that is required should be suitable in these conditions. Thus, the equipment for such type of snowboarding should encompass twin snowboard with soft boots.

The alternative terrain may be provided for snowboarders by means of the dry slopes which are man-made in nature. These are generally suitable for those snowboarders who wish to indulge in this activity during the summer season and this can also be considered as suitable for those whose residence is actually far away from a snowy mountain. These slopes are rarely found in United States, however these are commonly found to exist in different parts of Europe and in England.

The style in which the use of the different terrain features that are manmade in nature is made is termed as the freestyle of snowboarding. The examples of some of these terrain features that are used in freestyles are boxes, rails, jumps, etc. There are several other features that are innovative in nature and using which the different tricks can be performed in freestyle. As is true for the various features that are a part of the freestyles, there are different shapes, sizes and difficulty levels also possible for freestyles. The objective of making use of this style of snowboarding is that the snowboarder is capable of making use of the different type of aerial tricks.

One of the slalom and race focused style of snowboarding is Freecarve. There is a great similarity that exists between this style and skiing.

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