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We were asked to design a leaflet to inform and attract people to the plague village of Eyam. In this we had to consider Colour: Eye-catching and attractive Layout: Easy to understand and read and looks good, we also went on the Internet to find some extra pictures which could break up the text and make the layout better. Text: Include useful information and facts and written in a good way.

PLANNING I decided to use A3 paper and use a gatefold because I thought this looked best. I made my leaflet quite colourful and eye-catching. I used some of the information and pictures I collected from the Internet so it wasn’t just full of history, I thought this made it more interesting. I tried very hard to fill up all the paper and to leave no blank spaces this would make it look more professional.

EXECUTION At the start I thought I was going to struggle to fill up the A3 sheet, but in the end I was having trouble fitting it all in! I got a lot of information about the history of Eyam off the sheet provided by our teacher but most of the other information about the plague from various web sites and the other information about the village I collected from the Eyam web site. I didn’t make any changes in my final draft of the leaflet except there was a bit more writing to fit in on the heroes section than I had in my plan so I had to squeeze it on which I think looks a bit messy.

EVALUATION I think the information on the leaflet is clear. It is split up into sections to make it easier to understand and refer to, for example if you want to know about the actual plague disease you can quickly find all the information in the science section. If you want to know about the background of Eyam you will look at the history section. I think this leaflet is very interesting, I learnt a lot when I was researching information for it and I think when people read it, they will have to read on because it draws you in. There is a lot of information on the leaflet but not enough to bore you and I think it is written in a good way.

This leaflet tells you about the things you will need to know whilst your in the village. It has all the information there is to know about the history, and heroes of the village. It also has information on the plague itself, landmarks and accommodation which is very important and details on the Eyam museum which people have probably come specially to visit so this will interest them. It even has information on weddings in Eyam hall! Included in the leaflet there is important numbers that would be handy to have if you were visiting and a useful map.

I think the leaflet is written in the right kind of style. I think it is written in a friendly, welcoming style but is also factual and interesting. The sections on the leaflet is what I think stand out the most. They are very clearly divided up and are coloured in so they look very separate. The leaflet is logically set up so when you first open it, there is a short summary of the leaflet, which very quickly lets you no what to expect when you open it. Inside it is split into two halves, history and science. History is on the left so you read it first and it tells you about the village and how it was involved with the plague and then when you read the science side it explains details about what the plague actually is.

When the leaflet is completely folded out, in the centre there is a ring of roses with the poem around it. In the centre of this circle it explains the poem. I did this because it hits you in the face as you open the leaflet because it is very eye-catching, then when you read it the text is quite touching. The page is split into quarters with four bold titles heroes, landmarks and accommodation, weddings and the Eyam museum that whole page is headed attractions. On the back of the leaflet is a map and the important numbers this is so they are quick and easy to find.

I think presentation is my strong point because I am quite artistic. I put a lot of effort into this leaflet and I tried especially hard with the presentation. It makes the leaflet look interesting and you want to look at it and read it to see what it is all about. I think the layout is good and clear. The writing quite easy to read and of a reasonable size. The colours are not too bright and modern and I think fit in with the project well and the titles are big and obverse. I think the leaflet is folded in a good way because you have to open it bit by bit this creates suspense, you don’t know what is going to be inside when you open it up! I think the pictures are good because the break up the text and make it look more interesting they are placed in particular places so they are relevant to the text.

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