Strategy implementation

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An organizations structure is placed in order to help a business perform its tasks and functions smoothly. This helps in running the business smoothly. The Human resource ensures that the organization has the best employees for the job and that they work under a safe and comfortable environment making them give maximum productivity. The finance department keeps a record of all the monies coming in and going out of the business. It makes sure there is available money for the future expansion of the business and to pay its workers (Speculand, 2005).

The management and technological support guarantee the easy running of the day to day activities in the business. They make sure the place is clean. There is computer and software support and health support too. The marketing and sales department makes sure that the organization is always in business. It supports the sales team, carries out market research and promotes the good and service of the business (Beijnum-Volders, 2005). The operations ensure that the services and goods rendered are produced in the most efficient ways.

This is made possible by making maximum use of the available machinery, workers and raw materials. There is also customer service which provides information before and after sales. It also assists the customers wherever necessary. The research and development department assists in keeping the business in competition. It develops new goods and services and also updates the existing ones. Systems This are put in place to ensure that the objectives of the organization are more likely to be achieved. The budget is done so as to enable one understand where the business is heading financially.

A budget is set out by including the previous year’s figures which include expenses, sales or any income made. Expenses like electricity, water plumbing or air conditioning, or any other expenses that are intended to be done in the course of the year should also be included (Marks, 2005). Business planning is done putting into consideration all the activities, the goals and the targets the organization has. There is the business plan that is constantly updated even after the business has been established i. e. hroughout the lifecycle of the business, and the profit making business plan that focuses more on the targets and the goals of the business (Flood & Flood, 2004).

There are measures that are put in order to evaluate performance. Some organizations use meetings which are had constantly to evaluate where they are and where they are heading. For its workers, some organizations/ firms use dash-boards, set targets of which they are awarded when they reach them and they also look at how much profit they have made in that year (Machiraju, 2007).

People Employees are a firm’s greatest asset. A firm ensures its employees are well equipped by employing people who have achieved the required academic qualifications. They should also provide constant training to improve and update the skills the employees have. People with talent should also be employed. An employee with a talent in advertising is much better than an one who has only gone and studied it in an institution (Flood & Flood, 2000).

Treating employees well so that they have a positive perspective towards their jobs and work places helps a great deal in increasing the workers productivity. Giving recognition and promotions where due is also very important. Culture The company’s values, beliefs, attitudes and experiences should be widely shared and accepted by the employees. If this is not so, it makes business hard to run. Conflicts are resolved by having meetings that are carefully and fairly resolved. Workers have a right to a fair listening if mistake be found (Koller, et al. , 2005).

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