Strategies to improve Communication

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In this report I will be investigating the different types of communication at Preston Manor High School and how it can be improved. Communication is a process by which a message or information is exchanged from a sender to a receiver. Below is a diagram of the process of communication. For example, Mr Rigby may send Mr Graham a message asking for the names and forms of pupils who are going to become prefects in year 11. In this report I will carry out primary research because it is up to date and is a specific way to find out exactly what you want to find out.

I can also use open and closed questionnaires depending on if I want to know what the person feels about their opinion or if I want answers that can be easily put into statistics. There are two types of communication in school. These are internal and external communication. Internal communication is between people in the same organisation. Internal communication links together all the different activities involved in the school and ensures all employees are working towards the same goal and know exactly what they should be doing and by when.

Internal communication is important because it can motivate the workforce. It can also encourage the employees lower down the chain of command if their views are heard. Also clear communication can lead to employees doing their job and carrying out instructions properly. However, external communication is with the people outside the business. This is where the school communicates with people and organisations outside of the school’s internal communication. The school would normally communicate with its stakeholders.

Stakeholders are those who have an interest in the activities and results of the business. External communication is important of achieving customer service. Stakeholders (parents) would like continuous communication with the school about what is going on and the arrangements of certain events. The main aim of the report is to look at the main methods of communication. I will also investigate the problems in communication at Preston Manor and also suggest improvements through carrying out primary research.

Preston Manor’s mission statement in brief states that they want to “ensure that all pupils and staff achieve as highly as possible by being an excellent and memorable school, which values and celebrates its multicultural community and maximises potential for a happy and fulfilling life in our changing world. ” Their mission statement also states that they want to “make school memorable” and “to make science and mathematics accessible and exciting, by introducing pupils, teachers and our partners in the community to cutting-edge science

The main aims of Preston Manor are to provide a service of education. Also to provide a safe, clean and healthy atmosphere and to provide good teaching and an interesting experience. The main aim of Preston Manor communicating with parents and carers is to keep them informed about anything that goes on in school e. g. events, trips, examination times and dates etc. This is important as parents and carers are a major stakeholder of the school and keeping them informed about everything that goes on in school leads to good communication and relationship between school and parents/carers.

The main aim of the Preston Manor communicating with staff is to ensure that all staff is confident and comfortable and that they know not to hesitate if they have a problem with anything so that the school can take these into consideration and try to improve it. This is also important as it shows good communication between teachers and head of departments or even head of years and head teacher. The main aim of the research coursework is to investigate the communication in Preston Manor and whether or not it should be improved to help achieve objectives of being the best school.

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