Strategic Plan for E-Commerce Business

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Cosmetics industry is currently very profitable in the United States and all over the world. Every woman buys some kind of cosmetics products, and this creates unlimited marketing opportunities for companies functioning in the cosmetics sector. Revlon is one of the top companies in the cosmetics industry. It manufactures high-quality cosmetics and sells it at a relatively low price, in comparison with competitors. Even though Revlon has a website, the company currently does not offer any products online. Customers who visit the website are advised to access websites of various retailers in order to purchase Revlon’s cosmetics.

However, this process is not very convenient for customers because they have to buy Revlon products from a retailer which does not specialize in Revlon products, and thus might not guarantee the highest quality. Customers they would much rather prefer to buy Revlon cosmetics online from the electronic store which sells only Revlon cosmetics and also offers advice on the type of products which the customer offers. In this paper, strategic plan for an electronic store specializing in the sales of Revlon cosmetics is presented. E-business model chosen for the e-business is B2C.

According to this model, the electronic store will be targeting individual consumers who are interested in purchasing Revlon cosmetics. The strategic plan outlined in the paper includes the objectives of the electronic store creation, its major advantages, marketing mix, critical success factors, SWOT analysis, overview of software which will be used, budget, value and ROI analysis, analysis of security issues and evaluation factors. Cosmetics industry is a very mature industry and there are many competitors which put pressure on Revlon.

The product lines of companies which work in cosmetics industry are already highly developed and there are obstacles for other companies to enter the market. Currently, the key market tendencies in the cosmetics industry include rapid increase in the range of product lines, orientation on optimal cost/benefit ratios, and introduction of new products. The products which are being offered in the cosmetics industry are very similar and companies need to apply efficient marketing tools in order to remain competitive in the market.

Consumers tend to become more and more demanding in cosmetics products and companies constantly need to adjust their product lines to the interests of consumers. New products are very welcome in the market and every company engaged in this business needs to make a very detailed marketing research in order to introduce successful innovations. Revlon offers a wide range of products for face, eyes, lips, nails, hair and skin. It also offers the following brands of fragrance as Charlie, Fire & Ice and Absolutely Fabulous as well as beauty tools for eyes, nails and pedicure.

The production for lips includes lipstick, lip liner and gloss. For eyes, the company offers eye shadow, eyeliner, brow color and mascara. Production for nails includes enamel and nail care, while for skin, the company sells moisturizers. The range of products which the company offers is very large and answers the requirements of the customers for whom this production is being created. All of the product lines of the company make it very successful in the cosmetics market. Revlon has set many goals and objectives in order to remain the top company in the industry.

“Our vision is to provide glamour, excitement and innovation through quality products at affordable prices. ” (Revlon’s corporate overview. [Online]. Available from source: http://www. corporate-ir. net/ireye/ir_site. zhtml? ticker=REV&script=2100). The best way to promote production to the target group is by launching an electronic store. Young people spend decent time in internet; therefore they will get interested in the production which Revlon’s website offers. Many companies have started using electronic stores because it is very efficient for consumers.

Another argument for the creation of the electronic store is that the company spends very much money on advertising in printed editions which does not result in much success. Even though plenty of money is spent on such advertisements, it has been noticed that the network of customers does not increase radically. On the basis of these results, it has been concluded that other methods of advertising need to be used, such as advertising on the web in the electronic store. Online shop is a very good solution for the problems which Revlon has.

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