Strategic & Financial Objectives of Tata Motors, Intel Coorparation and Lufthansa

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Tata Motors has agreed on a joint venture with Chery Automobiles in China for Jaguar Land Rover. China has been formalised to develop, manufacture and sell certain Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles and jointly branded vehicles for the Chinese market -Strategic Objective The Tata Motors Group employed 62,716 permanent employees (previous year: 58,618 employees) as of the year end out of which 56,393 employees were engaged in automotive operations. increase over last year was mainly at Jaguar Land Rover in of volume and product development activity.

The Company employed 29,965 permanent employees (previous year: 29,217 employees) as of the year end. The Tata Motors Group has generally enjoyed cordial relations with its employees and workers.-Strategic Objective Sales in the LCV segment continued to drive performance,growing by a 21.8% during the year to 3,93,468vehicles. Market share in the LCV segment expanded by 200 basis points registering a 62.2% market share inFY 2012-13. The Company has grown and consolidated itsposition in the LCV segment, leading to expansion of themarket share, especially in the Ace Segment. Sales of theTata ACE reached highest ever at over 3,25,000 during FY 2012-13.

The Tata Ace family crossed 10,00,000 salessince its launch. During this year, the Company launched ‘Tata Xenon’, a stylish and rugged pick-up, bothsingle cab and dual cab versions, with best in class looks,operating economies and fuel efficiency – Financial Objective During the year, the Company’s Passenger Vehicles sales were lower by 31.1% at 2,29,325 vehicles, registering an 8.9% market share. The Company sold 1,80,520 cars and 48,805 utility vehicles and vans, lower by 34.6% and 14.4% respectively, over the previous year- Financial Objective

Intel Coorparation

As a part of the company’s R&D departments effort,Intel started to manifacturing 22mm Tri-gate transistor technology processors which what they name it. This was the first 22 mm processor for a notebook. Also Intel plans to ıntoroduce the first 14mm microarchitecure processor of the world in this year. -Strategic Objective Intel has invested on it’s on IT department to gain effectiviness and efficiency on all areas that related with company’s running. As a result of that,Intel had 3x faster response to customers’ orders and change requests through an integrated enterprise resource planning system and the automation of many steps in the order management and planning business process-Strategic Objective The following graph refers to Intel’s last 5 year stock price performance untill 2012 which it shows a Financial Objective

Intel purchased $11 billion in capital assets to extending manifacturing leadership alos company decided to buy ASML Company which the agreement ındicates that Inte will takeover ASML’s equity securities totalling $3.2 billion.-Financial Objective

Lufthansa Group

Operating income developed well in the 2012 financial year, rising by 5.9 per cent to EUR 33.0bn altogether. This increase is primarily due to the positive development of traffic revenue, which grew by EUR 1.0bn (+ 4.3 per cent) to EUR 24.8bn as the result of higher traffic volumes. Other revenue was up by EUR 387m (+ 7.8 per cent) and other operating income even grew by EUR 461m (+ 19.8 per cent) as a result of non-recurring factors.-Financial Objective

Lufthansa made some new partnerships to reach new destinations. They’ve decided to enter to cheap jet flight segment. (E.g Germanwings)-Strategic Objective On 1 June 2012, the very first Boeing 747-8i goes into scheduled service at Lufthansa Passenger Airlines, with a maiden flight on the Frankfurt to Washington D.C. route. The new flagship of the Boeing family is characterised by its improved fuel efficiency and 30 per cent lower noise emissions than its predecessor, the B747-400.

Lufthansa Passenger Airlines is to receive 19 of these aircraft in total, four of them in 2012.-Strategic Objective On 19 September 2012, the Nomination Committee of the Deutsche Lufthansa AG Supervisory Board gives its recommendation for successors to those Supervisory Board members who will not be standing for re-election at the close of the 2013 Annual General Meeting due to their age. Wolfgang Mayrhuber, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG until December 2010, is to succeed the current Chairman of the Supervisory Board Dipl.-Ing. Dr-Ing. E.h. Jürgen Weber. Dr Karl-Ludwig Kley, Chairman of the Executive Board of Merck KGaA and former CFO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, is recommended to succeed Dr Klaus G. Schlede.-Strategic Objective

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