Strategic aims and objectives of a given organisation

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In this assignment, I will be analysing how relationship marketing can support the aims and objectives of an organisation of my choice. The organisation I have chosen for this particular assignment is McDonalds. McDonald’s is a multi-national organisation that a spread across every country in the world. There are nearly 25,000 restaurants worldwide and nearly 600 in the UK alone. As McDonalds are a very large organisation that is very reputable across the world, their aims and objectives have to be regularly considered in order for them to achieve dominant success over their competitors.

They can only do this by ensuring that customers are loyal to them and that they attract as many customers to their organisation and purchase their products. This is done through relation marketing. Aim 1: ‘McDonald’s aims for 100% sustainable packaging by 2010’ McDonalds have suggested this aim according to their beliefs that their product packaging can be 100% sustainable by 2010. This is the main outcome in which McDonalds are aiming towards in order to achieve the goals they have set.

However, they believe they are going to achieve this aim by setting 4 objectives. They are as stated: Objectives > To recycle all their products > Minimise the amount of chemicals used in production which will help reduce co2 emissions. > Minimizing weight so products are in suitable packaging, make full use of recycled materials. If McDonalds were to recycle all their products on a regular basis, this wound ensure that some of their packaging can be re-used again in the future, this making sure that they save money on producing new packaging.

This would be ideal to re-use their packaging rather than producing more of it. Environmentally, this could lead to less trees being cut in order to produce these products and can be safe for the environment. McDonalds also wish to minimize the weight of the package so that products such as ‘McFlurry’ and the ‘Happy Meal’ and more food congested rather than offering the product bigger than it has to be. Aim 2: ‘To increase the product sale of ‘Happy Meal’ by 20% by the end of 2012 than the current year’ Objectives:

Advertise their product more on TV so that it builds customer awareness.  Increase the price at the end of each year by 5p so that the organisation makes more money on their ‘Happy Meals’. Encourage customers to buy the ‘Happy Meal’ along with their own choices, especially when they have children with them. These aims and objectives can be achieved through relationship marketing by ensuring that McDonalds inform their customers about their future aims and how they can participate in ensuring that they achieve this.

However, McDonalds can make sure that they have ‘Bins’ facilities around their restaurants so that customers have a higher chance of putting their rubbish in the bin rather than throwing it on the floor elsewhere. McDonalds will have to ensure that not only should they have a lot of bins placed in and around the restaurant, but they should inform customers by giving them reminders over the microphone when they give customer announcements. This way, they are communicating with their customers and reminding them to out their rubbish in the bin and prevent the high chances of littering elsewhere.

McDonalds will have to be dependant on their methods of communication and choosing the correct way in communicating across certain For example, if they were going to communicate with their suppliers and inform them about their objective on recycling their products, they will most likely inform them with a formal letter or an e-mail. This would be suitable because as McDonalds have many suppliers, the same e-mail can be sent across to many other businesses that are linked with McDonalds.

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