Stone Kingdom

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Stone Kingdom has several meanings but the Bible brings a multitude of implications which can aid in understanding the term. The Book of Daniel suggested that the Stone Kingdom represents his dream about a stone coming from a mountain which eventually hit and destroy the gigantic statue from the toe that appeared earlier in his dream. Being thrown by a divine act, the stone eradicates existing kingdoms which are represented by the gigantic statue and will be the only remaining kingdom on earth.

Its domination and expansion is explicitly defined by the passage in Daniel 2:35 which states that “…the stone struck the statue, became a mountain and filled the whole earth”. Basically, the Stone Kingdom is a proxy word for the Kingdom of God. The stone is an important metaphor because it implies destruction and the end of this age as well as divine act that causes it to fall from the mountain. In the other verse, Daniel 2:44 extended the meaning of Stone Kingdom stating that “…the kingdom set by God will not be destroyed, left to another people and will endure forever”.

The stone came from the mountain and believed to be cut-off by the divine act which means that the kingdom that arises from it, the Stone Kingdom, is distinct and not belonged from the existing kingdoms. The divine act behind this will also guarantee the Stone Kingdom to prevent newer kingdoms or new generations to develop after it swarmed the earth. To clarify this admonition, there is a need to understand the meaning of gigantic statute. This statue contextualizes the impact of the stone especially the possible affected kingdoms and also the timing.

The statue is enormous in size composed of a golden head, a silvery chest and arms, a bronzed abdomen, iron pair of legs and toes made out by the combination of iron and clay. This is interpreted by Daniel as sequence of earthly imperial dominance. In present day, the iron and clay that made the toes represented ten leaders under global federation. As the toes are directly hit by the stone, this age is speculated to be the time where the Stone Kingdom will emerge.

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