Stereotypes on Terrorists

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Terrorists are defined as persons who are mostly members of groups that support or perform terrorist acts upon other individuals or populations, because of a difference in opinion. Today Terrorism is conducted in a wide display of illegal political and religious organization in order to further goals of forcing their own religious or political views on others. Terrorists come from basically anywhere, a terrorist is simply an individual or group of persons who terrorize another person or association. In our Modern day society there is the stereo type that all terrorist are arab men, which is not neccaserilly true.

Terrorist’s are often young men who are beginning to discover themselves and where they come from, and the majority of terrorists we see today come from a place that is a victim to the nation they are terrorizing; and so they are motivated to avenge or liberate their country and it’s people. Stereotypes are insulting to those they are directed towards, and this stereotype of terrorists and men of arab origin is rude and inappropriate even though we may have good reason to believe it’s true; and it also may be playing into the hands of the real terrorist’s.

There is currently a stereotype in our society which causes us to classify arab and muslim men as terrorist. Though not many people are arrogant enough to repeat John Cooksey’s racist remark after 9/11 attacks that “If I see someone come in and he’s got a diaper on his head and a fan belt around that diaper on his head, that guy needs to be pulled over and checked,” the vast number of north American’s do still have a stereotype in mind when we imagine terrorists and that is a man of arab descent.

Stereotypes are there for a reason, after all both of the people responsible for the previous Boston bombing’s were arab, so is the former most wanted man Osama Bin Laden, and all 16 men who were part of the 9/11 attacks were arab. Even though it is understandable to suspicious of arab men for being potential terrorists, it is not very logical, it is all so politically wrong, and it morally repugnant as are all other stereotypes.

This stereotype we have, tying terrorist to arab men play’s into the hands of the actually terrorist such as the al-qaeda, in the sense that they can disguise a terrorist as a non suspicious ordinary looking member of society to conduct their terrorist acts. By supporting this stereotype we are also causing arab men to dislike us and lose their respect for us North American’s, which will probably encourage potential terrorist’s too cause trouble, because we are giving them this rude stereotype gives them a reason to justify their actions.

Not all terrorist’s are arab, for example all the men involved in the plots to blow up the sears tower and the FBI headquarters were African American; and so was Jose Padilla an American of Puerto Rican origin who converted to islam in prison and like all the African American men was radicalized by the Al qaeda. Terrorist’s are motivated most often by hate or the need to avenge or liberate their home country by hurting another country that has done it wrong. Terrorist’s usually have a religious or political background which they refer to so they rationalize their violent actions.

On the news today it seems like all terrorist’s are either arabic or muslim and we have been lead to believe that it’s true it has become almost axiomatic that, it is the case; but according to studies we believe a lie. A recent study released by both Duke university and the university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shows that only 6% of terrorist’s acts are performed by Muslim’s, and the Majority (42%) of terrorist’s crimes against America are conducted by Latino men. This study proves that the stereotypes of terrorist’s being either muslim or arabic is completely wrong, and shows how stereotypes never the right point of view.

The stereotype that only men of arab descent are terrorist has proven to be very untrue and people who back it up are arrogant. In todays society there a lot of people who believe that only arabic or muslim men can be terrorist and it has caused many arguments and disputes between fellow North American just because of their difference in race or religion. All stereotypes have a truth to them but they are often misconceptions that harm the relationship between two different people. There are studies that show that not all arab men and prove that this stereotype is incorrect. This is one of the most incorrect stereotypes.

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