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With the many problems today that people are experiencing due to the overeating of junk food, the movement toward a healthier lifestyle is getting bigger everyday. Using the many articles on the internet and the newspapers about the dangerous disadvantages of junk food such as obesity, heart problems, blood pressure problems, and lots of others, human beings are gaining more consciousness about the need of consuming healthy food and the many benefits this action can carry to their lives. And that is why this is the perfect time to promote a website that offers the advantages of healthy food and supplements that can help our bodies to eliminate the bad toxins of unhealthy foods, which is the entire purpose of this paper, to offer non difficult and practical ideas on how to boost traffic to a website like the one described above.

Traffic is an importance when it comes to linking the Internet, business and profits. The business generates sales based on the traffic brought in and how the traffic is brought in. The essential strategy to follow is finding out how to target the right customer. Some ideas to achieve this are listed below:

1. One of the main things we have to do in order to increase traffic to our website is to let people know a little bit more about its owner (s). Generally, many persons feel more comfortable shopping when they have some confidence about the one (s) behind the business. To achieve this, we can put pictures with a little biography about the owner (s), an audio generator with a greeting or a “thank you” message to the buyers, or, as in this case that we are selling supplements and healthy food, a personal testimony of people that have used the products and now feel better or even have overcame a disease.

2. It is more likely that people visiting a website will look at giveaways and free stuff rather than the ads that the owners may have included. That is why it is always wise to include raffles or contests promoting the items the website is selling, to attract the attention of persons reading the website’s content and also possible buyers.

3. Places such as Facebook, MySpace, or Digg, are powerful tools for the purpose of attracting people to a website, so it is a very good idea to join any of those social networks where the owner (s) of the website can create a page advertising the products to sell (and also the domain of the website) and where interested customers can learn about the business and the items offered.

4. It is very important for a website to increase its traffic that people can find it without difficulty, so a good idea to achieve this would be to submit the domain of the website to powerful search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo,, and many others, and this can be done through services like Also, it is very important to set as many keywords as possible, to ensure that the website can be easily found on any of those search sites.

5. Offer free, original, quality on your site. For instance, provide information about the pros associated with eating healthy food and taking supplements. Show examples of real-world people that have opted for these methods and how they have been positively affected by them. One can include visual graphics that will capture the client’s attention, such as graphs or pictures as proof of the health improvements.

6. Search engine optimization. Make sure that words associated with the topic, health food and supplement, are included in your key words. For instance, if someone is searching diet methods using a search engine, you would like your web site to show up. A person interested in leading a better lifestyle and having better eating habits will be interested in healthy foods and possibly supplements.

7. Mall Link. Link your website to high traffic internet shopping mall websites. This will increase the chances of selling your product. If a person is already browsing a mall website, they are already in the mindset to purchase something.

8. Focusing media relations efforts on Yahoo News, MSNBC, CNN and AOL News, which are, according to Nielsen//Net Ratings, the top online current events and global news destinations.

9. Prime Promoters- Create prime promoters with customer who will promote your business. Build a follow- up program; this can build one to one relationship with current customers to drive in more business.

10. Keywords- Make sure the site has simple and popular key terms where search engines can pick up the site and can display in their results.

11. Direct e-mail – Targeting e-mails from a direct database, such as a fitness magazine, could help target the “right” customer who may find interest in health and foods and supplement supplies online, right from home.

12. Website articles- There are many health food websites out there which discuss different types of diet and products that are currently out of the market. Certain websites can talk about the actual product and all the positive results that came out of using this product. Once they are done talking about the website and the products they link the website at the end of the article.

13. Health website pop outs- A website like WebMD can have pop outs and banners on this website and their products with pictures that make the customer want to click on the banner or the pop out.

14. MySpace and Facebook is a great way to get the website out there, not just by making a page for the product but also making posters and bulletins and send them out to all your friends that you have on the site. It is crucial to get your product out there once people start receiving posters people start talking about the website by word of mouth.

Increasing your business is not just about generating traffic; it is mainly targeting the “right” customers to drive in the business. “Online retailing has exploded in the last several years as consumers have found this type of shopping convenient and, in many instances, less costly.” (Charles W. Lamb, Joseph F. Hair & Carl McDaniel, 2008) Targeting prime customers and having an easy to use online retailing is the key component to linking internet, business and profits together.

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