Status of the women in India

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Our first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, once said, “You can tell the state of a nation by looking at the status of the women there”. Indeed, if you analyze the status of the women in India, we come to see a daunting and pathetic situation. If you analyze the status of the women in India, we come to see a daunting and pathetic situation. Few statistical data which augment this notion viz the Sex Ratio of India is 933 females per 1000 males. Female literacy rate in India is at present 54. 16 %. Representation of women in parliament or legislative assemblies has never been more than 15 %.

Female administrators, managers, professionals combined together account for a miniscule 2. 3 %. Women in india are raped, kicked, killed, subdued and humiliated every day in India. To add to agony, in India a woman is raped after every 54 minutes, such is the intensity of atrocities committed against women in India. Even before their birth , women folk have to bear the brunt of female foeticide, and after their birth, their fight against numerous social evils such as female infanticide, child marriage, early age pregnancy, dowry, sexual harassment, rejection and obstracization at old age by kith and kin.

In a nutshell, despite various schemes launched by government and increase in status of few women, there seems no sign of women empowerment as a whole. In its first ever gender gap study covering 58 nations, the World Economic Forum has ranked India a lowly 53. The report titled ‘The Women’s Empowerment: Measuring the Global Gender Gap’ measures the gap between women and men in five critical areas like economic participation, economic opportunity, political empowerment, access to education and access to reproductive health care.

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