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This research sometimes called desk research deals with the information that has been collected. It is either collected from an internal or external source of information. The agency of the new business will be using both Primary and secondary research, primary through using a questionnaire and secondary research to compare with my results and see whether peoples views have changed at all. There are five main types of sampling. When collecting information.

These are; Random Sampling -When everyone has an equal chance to be selected at random to form collection of data. Purposive Samples – a Bias investigation, which focuses on, a particular issue of the market. For example when investigating a football match the sample will contain more men than woman. Stratified Samples – Chosen to provide a cross section of the population. Splits population into different groups such as age and ethnic background. Very quick process of gathering information. Cluster Sampling – involves choosing a group at random rather than choosing individuals at random. The group chosen would be the sample. Cheap to sample.

Quota Samples – Usually used on street interviews where the interviewer has a choice of who to approach. Must interview certain amount within a group. The business will be using the stratified sampling methods, as it is the most accurate and representative information. The other samples are not needed for a new business, as the others focuses on random choosing and bias investigations. The sample the business needs involves looking different groups. Qs. Do you think building a new African cuisine in Victoria would be a good idea?

A graph like this would be evident in helping the marketing campaign. It allows you to see if the idea would be popular in the area. Each answer strengthens the quest to build the restaurant. Each person has there own reason for there answer but most of the no came from the fact that there are so many restaurants around. From my research I have done it shows that with the people I surveyed Chinese food was the favourite type of food by 5 people.

The pie chart shows that the majority of people that I asked visited fast food restaurants 2-3 times within a month. On this bar chart I have come up with it shows that most people preferred to eat within the restaurant rather than take away. 80 people out of the 100 that I asked said they enjoyed hot food compared to cold or both. When eating out at fast food restaurants the most common amount of money that was spent was The majority of people that I asked said they were not vegetarians. Only 30 said that they were. When asked if they liked drinking healthy drinks while eating there meals 50 said yes and 50 said no

Incredibly 85% of the asked people said that they don’t drink alcohol with their meals I asked all of the people who answered my questionnaire what is their ethnic background and these were the result. It was quite surprising to see after knowing of their ethnic background to see that 75 people I asked were familiar with African food. Nearly everyone I asked said they would be willing to try a variety of traditional African dishes My opening statement on the promotion is very simple and understanding. It lets the people know what they want to hear. By putting near you adds more interest.

The heading is bright and bold so it stands out. This grabs your attention. The slogans used are very persuasive and so this encourages the reader to read on. Instead of offering stuff that is boring I decided to offer special deals to incite potential customers. Like kids eat free with every paying adult. (Stage Four: Designing the promotions) After looking at the different types of advertisement I have decided to use the Regional newspaper to promote my African food cuisine. I decided to choose this because it’s a cheap advertisement and there are a large number of people in Victoria who read the newspaper. I would choose this advertisement over the television as the television is nationwide, very expensive any might not get viewed by those who might be interested. I would advise my client to advertise for a lengthy period of time.

Finance For the business the main worry is finance. Whether they can maintain invested money without losing it. I would advice my client to loan some of the cost to set up a business from a bank. The advantages of using your own money: – 1) You don’t have any debts. 2) All profits made are yours. 3) If the business goes bust you don’t have to worry about paying back the bank. The disadvantages of using your own money: – 1) You might lose all your money if the business becomes a failure. Business Plan

Every business has a plan on how to run a business successfully. I would advice my client not to over price his goods and offer bargain deals so it will attract people. You need to work out the amount of staff needed and where to get these staff. The management is a major issue if it is to succeed. You need to decide whether or not it should be a sole trader, partnership organisation. I would also advise my client to come up with new products and deals every so often and decorate around the place to keep in fashion.

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