Statement of Intent, Master of Education Program at the University of Toronto and York University

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I hereby apply for the admissions to study for Master of Education degree at your University. My name is Erin and currently I am a communications instructor at Sheridan College. I am not only hardworking, intelligent and solution oriented but I am also a team player, social and friendly to everyone. I am interested in the learning and improvement of my graduate education and therefore, I would like to further it to Masters Level where I will definitely ameliorate the growth and structure of my community and my career.

My interest is to enhance my knowledge of educational practices and curriculum development so that the student population in my school will have better and quality service and educational training. I appreciate that the students in my community indeed need world class training that can enable them to be more competitive in the world market. As a result of the degree, I will better my chances in my career, become more competitive and encourage professionalism in my field of practice.

My preferred programs within the Masters of Education program is Higher Education in which I want to master the analytical skills involved in learning challenging subjects, foreign language articulations and scientific approaches for the modern day world challenges. I appreciate the practical involvement in all this knowing that your University is heralded as the most active in this technique of study. It is not a shear coincidence to me but it is destiny that has motivated me to be interested in community college activities in which the desire to study this course emerges.

I am well acquainted with the nature of activities that surround these structures and their helpfulness to the society. I work at a community college myself and I know without doubt that I will gain great understanding of how the history and developments of these community college institutions will be of much gain to me and everyone else. This gives me more confidence to pursue this Masters Degree Program precisely in your University.

I not only believe in a society that is just responsible but I further my perspective by fundamentally working on this in a daily basis by including immeasurable effort to sustain a free yet advantaged and well respectful community to its environment. Because of these, I find it an invaluable advantaged chance to have an opportunity to enrol in thereby to participate and learn about research, community colleges. I also want to learn the relationships between practice and theory under the topic of critical pedagogies and evaluation in higher education.

I am deeply passionate about the curriculum studies and teacher development program which you also offer in the masters level courses. I feel elated whenever a research process comes into reality by fulfilling the action and practicality of its activities. The nature of my work demands critical thinking and the development of a plan that will benefit my students at any particular time yet to be developed through research and the follow up to it. Knowing all that, it is refreshing to know that this will bring about effective training and teaching formulas which I am glad that I will be able to learn at your institution.

Because of all these prestigious units that align this course, I am happy that I will not only have the best tools to teach and master language, literacy, evaluation and assessment of my students but I will also empower them with the best skills to face their future. Nevertheless, teaching in class is not just about passing knowledge but culturing a population of hard work, self motivation and quality at the face of the job market and the life that it provides. The assessment of students in this case is a priority, yet the course clusters that you provide are paramount.

I am happy to clearly say that I fit well in both of these programs. In time I have managed to learn to work in the tight schedules and busy environments yet still be able to make excellent and beneficial decisions while doing the same. I teach at the community college and the opportunity to work and learn at the same time is a great opportunity for me as a determined person. I am involved in numerous activities while attending my teaching job which best enables me to handle the pressure and the performance expectation at your institution. It is a great chance for me to interact with your lecturers who are best in the field.

However, I will not forget the fact that my training is going to be readily applied, approved and recommendations done to ensure that mutual benefit is upheld. I want to improve my own knowledge and use of curriculum, assessment and evaluation to ensure that my career and experience is the best that our people can benefit from. I feel highly privileged to say that I am not only interested in this program not just for the purposes of academia but also to tailor-make it and develop it to help my community of which I am largely a contributor and developer of social and intellectual benefits.

All this I am involved in not just in work but also outside school. My extracurricular activities stretch outside the school corridors and into my social circle where I participate in community building. I have been in a community outreach and volunteer work, a volunteer mentor and tutor at my old high school, Applewood Heights Secondary School while also a regular fundraiser for Peel Children’s centre. I also host a small book club meeting at my home twice a month to discuss themes in Canadian literature with other English teachers.

Among many other reasons, this is a good platform for me to apply for this course in your institution. It not only bears mutual convenience but it also will enable me to learn to conserve and ameliorate our cherished cultural practices and trends that develop as a result of this course. While working in my school and in the extracurricular activities, I learnt about the various Faculty members of whom I would highly appreciate to have an opportunity to work with in each respective program.

In the higher education program, I would like to work with Dr. Glen A. Jones and Dr. Peer Dietsche. Also in the list is that I would prefer to work with Professor Kathy Broad, Professor Elizabeth Campbell, Professor Mary Kooy and Professor Garfield Gini Newman who are all in the Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development Program. It is a great honour to meet and be taught by such great team of scholars and icons of academic achievements of our present age. In conclusion, I do believe that as time passes by, various changes come in to affect the teachers, students and the public at large.

These changes can best be articulated and improved on by the best be the persons in the field and those who have the academic qualifications. This is a case in which experience and academia get to meet and deliver to the upcoming generation of achievers. The basic approaches outlined earlier will need implementation, which is through an experienced and educated approach and a curriculum that can be developed to ensure that success is our pride. I do not think it is just a matter of quantity but it is a matter of quality.

My credentials allow me to speak with confidence. I am able to learn and be trained. As a result, I am bringing in a team player and an academic achiever of our time to you. I believe that I will improve the status of the university, and uplift it to higher ranks while at the same time give our people an opportunity of relevant research that will benefit our standards of living here. I acknowledge the importance and relevance of this course program to my life, career and my community.

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