Start-up costs 

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Marketing is also a benefit to Price Brown Website it can give a competitive advantage, it can promote all the, services through search engines such as google, and villa and pricing in one place and you can update it quickly and easily. You can update your electronic brochures without going to a printer. Visitors can check on availability, request more information, or place an order. By sending e-mails by Doing business via the Internet has been a smart move for lots of businesses but not for others.

As people visit, you can collect information about your customers and, with their permission, establish an e-mail dialogue to share information relevant to both of you. Online communication can help you improve the services to meet your customers’ needs, too. You can track customer satisfaction and create a feedback loop to obtain ideas for new services that otherwise might be overlooked.

Valuable marketing information could be derived from the hits on your website. You can see what people are most interested in, you can collect details about the visitors (using registration forms and, perhaps, ‘cookies’) and you can use feedback forms. Don’t overlook the importance of attracting visitors to your site and making your content ‘sticky’ to keep visitors on the site and encourage them to return.

The Internet is providing a new way to do business electronically. E-commerce is revolutionising the way businesses transact with other businesses and with customers. It gives you the edge over your competitors, so Price Brown could sell more villas and rent more than their competitors. Inexpensive start-up costs it costs a lot less to start selling online then it does to open a shop on the high street.

The e-commerce system allows you to get a feel for the potential of Internet selling, without the need to spend vast amounts of capital to obtain this. As the system is set-up, within the standard charges for our normal web sites, you pay no extra for us to do this for you in the first place. Your customer places orders over a secure Internet connection. You are automatically notified by email when an order has been placed.

You collect customer orders from a secure server directly and then process them offline through your normal credit card or banking facility (if you do not accept credit cards, the system allows for cheque or money order payments also). The system can be linked into on line authorisation banks if you prefer (these Merchant Banks will charge you a percentage of your turnover and a monthly rental or a set-up charge for their services.

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