Standard Operating Procedures

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This involves an evaluation of each job application to determine the applicant’s qualification based on the established minimum qualification for the position being recruited. The closer the applicant’s education and experience matches the rating criteria, the higher the likelihood that the applicant with receive a minimum qualified rating of 70. 00. The rating system involves three major components: the evaluator; the job application; and the rating criteria. The completeness of each component in the rating process essentially determines the overall accuracy of the final earned rating assigned to applicants.

Consult with DOPM for detailed evaluation and rating procedures. Applications received on a continuous announcement are processed, evaluated and established within 10 workdays. Applications received on a 2 week announcement will be evaluated and established within 2 months from the closing date. The certification process will follow thereafter as the need arises. V. ESTABLISHMENT OF ELIGIBLES: After appropriate examination, the names of all applicants for a particular job announcement are listed on an eligibility list.

The names of all qualified candidates are placed on the eligibility list in rank order of rating scores, from highest to lowest. The names of all non-qualified applicants are also listed for documentation and statistical purposes with no rating score. The eligibility list is considered “established” upon official signature. The Eligibility List and its contents must be kept confidential to maintain the integrity of the merit system. It can only be reviewed by or released to authorized personnel after approval from DOPM. VI. NOTICE OF RATINGS:

After an eligibility list is officially established, each applicant is promptly notified of their examination results via a Notice of Rating. Once again, confidentiality must be maintained for all examination materials and results. An applicant may appeal an examination rating within 10 work days following the date his examination rating was postmarked. Certification of eligible is authorized only after the administrative review period has elapsed. VII. CERTIFICATION OF ELIGIBLES Employees shall be selected from among the highest available eligible on appropriate eligibility lists. Certification of Eligible is typed in proper format.

The interview date should then be scheduled and the candidates notified accordingly. Rule of Five/Ten: For Rule of Five with one vacancy position, the first top five eligible candidates on the appropriate eligibility list(s) are certified according to numerical rating. However, should there be an available candidate with re-employment rights under an open competitive certification, such candidate will be considered first on the list. For more than 1 vacancy, the next highest eligible candidate shall be certified.

For two vacancies, the certification list appears as follows: 1st ranked eligible 2nd ranked eligible 3rd ranked eligible 4th ranked eligible 5th ranked eligible 6th ranked eligible In the event that eligible #6 and #7 have identical scores (tie score), eligible #7 and all others with identical scores shall be certified accordingly. However, should the appointing authority decide to fill only one of the two vacancies, he shall restrict his selection from the first five eligible only. Consult DOPM for certifications from the different types of eligibility lists The Certification List is highly confidential and its contents can only be released to the interview panel or the department head at the start of the selection interview.

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