SQL to perform large data handling tasks and processing

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Data handling can be broken down into three main parts; I will use the example of a hotel booking system. An Input/Inputs: Date of arrival, Date of departure, Number of people, Name. Manipulation of data: Check dates against all the rooms available and the capacity of rooms (number of beds). An Output: Report, whether or not rooms are available and an option to book a room. This is an example of a real time system because it must update itself automatically. A batch system could also be introduced into Snooze Cottage to process the amount of rooms which need to be cleaned.

This could be done on a weekly basis and then the report could be passed onto Hazel to delegate to the chambermaids. The booking system could be linked in some way to the cleaning system as the systems would have to share some of their data like date of arrivals and departures and rooms to be cleaned on these dates. An example of a data handling program for a small company like Snooze Cottage would be Excel or Access. Bigger companies would maybe use programs like Sage or SQL to perform large data handling tasks and processing.

Sage is an accounting program SQL is a database program for large custom databases. Examples of information within Snooze Cottage Example Scenario A wedding party has been booked they have requested the use of the garden for a party and need all 10 rooms of the cottage. 1. Richard and Patricia take booking 2. They tell the housekeeper to clean and prepare 10 rooms for the party 3. The housekeeper will tell the maids to clean the rooms 4. Richard and Patricia will notify the cook to prepare the food for the wedding party 5.

The cook will tell the kitchen assistant to order the food 6. The food arrives; the cook and assistant prepare the food 7. Richard and Patricia notify the gardener to tidy up the garden. Recommend computer system and software for Snooze Cottage 2. 0 GHz Intel Pentium 4 1024 Mb of RAM 120 Gb Hard Drive 128 Mb 3D Graphics Card USB Keyboard and Mouse Laser Jet Printer USB Scanner Tower Case GIGABYTE Mother Board with built in sound Software Microsoft Office Ensuite 1. 0: Hotel Running Package available from www. downloads.

com Microsoft Money Antivirus and firewall software Health and Safety when operating computers When operating a computer a comfortable workstation is very important. This means the chair must be easy to adjust, it should be able to adjust its height and back rest. When working at a computer you fore arms must be parallel to your thighs and your back should be straight. Your wrist should sit comfortable on the edge of the Keyboard. To avoid glare and reflection of your VDU the screen should tilt 5 degrees upwards.

You should rest your hands from typing every 10 or so minutes. Computers do give off some radiation but it is not considered to cause health risks. Companies should provide eye tests for all employees using computers. Data protection act Information should be regarded as being held for specific purpose and should not be used, without appropriate authorisation, for other purposes. Access to information should be confined to those authorised to have it for the purpose for which it was supplied.

The amount of information collected and held should be the minimum necessary for the achievement of a specified purpose. In computerised systems which handle information for statistical purposes, adequate provision should be made in their design for separating identities from the rest of the data. There should be arrangements where by a subject could be told about the information held concerning him or her. The level of security to be achieved by a system should be specified in advanced by the user and should include precautions against the deliberate abuse or miss use of information.

A monitoring system should be provided to detect violation of the security system. In the design of information systems, periods should be specified beyond which information should not be retained. Data held should be accurate. There should be machinery for the correction of inaccuracy and updating of information. Care should be taken in coding value judgements. Conclusions More staff will be needed to run the new business. There will be a bigger organisational structure.

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