Spring Imagery: The Story of an Hour

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It is a painful scene to see a dear wife grieving for her husband’s death. The news of a tragic death is even harder to accept in addition to Mrs. Mallard health condition. It was hard for the family members to break the news to Mrs. Mallard due to her heart disease. The news about the death of Brently Mallard is a significant event. It says that Mr. Mallard’s name was leading on the list of deaths; this heightened the distress Mrs. Mallard experienced. To learn the death of a person, whom you deeply love, is like a sudden storm that would destroy all your plans in life.

Mrs. Mallard was so confused about her husband; she wants to know more about his husband’s death. She wants to confirm it because she can not believe the fact about her husband’s sudden lost. Springtime is a time of renewal. It is a time where in flowers blossom and new vegetations flourish. In life, spring is a point where in a sudden incident will has the capacity to change a person. Some examples are birth and death. In the story, death was the initial life changing incident for Mrs. Mallard.

Mrs. Mallard was so disturbed, but when she saw that her husband was alive. She was freed from worries. Happiness overcame her, and she felt like all the weight of the world was lifted from her shoulders. Spring imagery is also depicted in Mrs. Mallard’s death. The death signifies a new beginning for Mrs. Mallard. She is on a new expedition to a new life. The death of someone special or a spouse may be a life changing experience to anyone. This is the spring imagery shown in The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin.

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