Spring: American Films and Heavy Manhole Cover

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Experience also has many, there are happy, there are lost. With more experience, I have forgotten some things. Don’t forget the story of spring. Spring is the best season, do not have such a word, spring is the season of the year. Spring, willow germination; flowers blossom; the grass were also gradually straight waist, and the water in the river is also gradually. Everywhere is green. Spring what has changed, the bus was the seat to the elderly, when crossing the road, one to help old people and blind people to cross the road.

Even the flowers in the park grass people also know how to cherish. This spring is a thing, so that I was moved deeply. It makes me think that spring is not be full of vitality, but also possesses more impersonal. On the day of my school, I am happy to be going home, in a road home, I saw a blind man. He seems to want to cross the road. At that time, it was raining heavily. So I helped him to cross the road. Later, I also want to send him home, it was so big rain. He didn’t take an umbrella.

So, he and I shared an umbrella to send him home. Go to his home, I saw in front of a manhole cover is open. So I helped him to spare the well, in the past, he asked me why I Rao. I told him. In my words just from the mouth. He immediately turned to the well went. When the well that, he came to feel that the manhole cover by hand. I also walked past, is supposed to help him. But he didn’t agree with. Said to be afraid of dirty my hands. He touched the manhole cover. Hand hard to move the heavy manhole cover.

I saw this situation, how can not help him, but because of fear of dirty my hands? So I worked hard together, and he moved with the heavy manhole cover. At this time, the rain under the greater. We put the cover of recovery, we together to go home. He gave me a handkerchief, saying is let me wipe your hands. Go on the road and he said, if the night, some people do not know the bad well not bad? I was touched by his spirit, as a blind, but always for the sake of others.

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