Spreadsheet analysis

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I have identified a suitable end user with a problem this end user works in a shop called boots. The user works, as a team manager in the shop and it is her job to organise and run thing in this shop. The problem this end user has is with how to create a more efficient working in the shop. She needs a system that can incorporate the entire thing she need in run the shop in one system. Currently with the old system, which uses a lot of paper and this, seems to get lost or mislaid. With the old system people where getting confused with what there job was in the shop.

And there was no way of keep track of what times people worked or when the went absents. My aim for this user is to try and create a simple but efficient system that can keep track of the day-to-day processes of the shop. Interview 1. What advantages will the spreadsheet provide to your company? The advantages of the spreadsheet to our company would be it would be quicker to process information, what is meant by this is that information would not have to be rewriting on paper or orally communicated again. Less time will be wasted on unnecessary meeting to find out what duties are allocated to which member of staff.

This system will also help to make a more flexible and more efficient working environment, where staff can either have there own sheet which tells them what to do or the can go and look at a notice board. 2. Where would you be using this spreadsheet at work or at home? I would mostly using the spreadsheet system at home, here I would be able to make appropriate changes to the spreadsheet in order to plan for the next day or next week. Then using a printer I would be able to print a copy of the appropriate spreadsheet to bring in to work. 3. What experience do you have with using spreadsheets?

I have very limited experience with spreadsheets and its capabilities and will most probable need advice or some sort of used guide to help me with the new system. 4. What type of output e. g. graphic output do you expect to gain from the spreadsheet? In the old system a lot of colour is used to highlight or express certain part of the old system, so I would expect there to be some colour to be involved in the graphic output. The new spreadsheet system may need to involve some sort of graph to keep track of their working progress; also the spreadsheet may need some from of picture to help them visually what their duties involve.

What is the current system you have in place? The current system I have in place involves both the use of pen and paper and computers. Thing like the signing in and out is done on paper as well as assigning staff duties. Things like the hours and shifts people work as well as the amount of staff that work in the shop are all placed on computer. 6. What kind of information do you expect the spreadsheet to hold? The spreadsheet will hold information on staff working hours, what shifts they work, what duties they are assigned to in a particular part of the day, and finally information on unauthorized absents during the day or week.

Also that particular employees work performs in that week based on a numbers or points scoring system. Finally briefing times. 7. At what time would you be using the spreadsheet? I would mainly be using the spreadsheet at home to in the afternoon when I come back from work because that I can spend more time updating for the following day or week. 8. What size and resolution screen have you got? I have a 15″ inch screen with a resolution of 800×600 pixel.

9. What software system do you have? I have windows millennium ME edition with windows Microsoft office 2000.10. What amount of data are you looking for the spreadsheet to hold? You would be looking to store information on 16 members of staff as well as having information on, the number of absentees per week and information on number of duties assigned to each member of staff per day. Interview analysis What I can determine from this interview is that the system the user need will require a reasonable amount of spreadsheets in the new system, which in turn may need some sort of central page to access all these spreadsheets.

I have seen that the spreadsheet will be very necessary in term of organising the shop; one of the many benefits of the new system is that it could shave time. I would appear that the user would use the system as base to organise and run different aspects of the shop than to make complex calculations. The user appears to have limited experience with spreadsheets this could be helped with the use of a book to help teach a spreadsheets and maybe a small users guide to the new system. From what I have gathered the new system will be very visually oriented and the new system will have to be fairly easy to update with new data.

The user will also like the new system to introduce some new idea to the shop like a performance scheme where you could track employee’s performance of periods of time. The kind of information the spreadsheet is likely to hold is, information on number of employee’s, a registration for signing in and out, people work hours and briefing times. The new system will mainly be used at home and the output taken into work. Finally the fertility and software the user has will be more than appropriate for the need of the new system.

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