Spins And Lifts In Figure Skating

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One of the most important elements that is required in the sport of figure skating are the spins involved. The presence of spins as a part of this sport is ensured in all the disciplines of the Olympic Games.

Some of the basic spin positions have been defined in figure skating. These are camel spin, sit spin and upright spin. However, there are further many variations available with respect to these spins.

A spin can be described as a movement wherein the skate will use the round part of the blade to make rotations. This round part is termed as the ball of the foot and this is present at the rear part of the toe pick. A skater may choose to perform the various spins singly or he may also perform them in a particular sequence or in combination. It is possible to use any of the feet to perform spins. Most of the times, while making these spins, the skaters generally choose to rotate in the counterclockwise direction. However, some of the skaters may also choose clockwise direction for making spins. There are some versatile skaters who are able to make spins in both the directions. A forward spin can be described as a spin that is performed by rotating on the left foot while a back spin may be described as a spin that is performed by making use of the right foot.

The spins in case of ice skating may be started by entering on the ice through a jump. Such spins that generally follow jumps are given the name of flying spins. The examples of some of these spins include death drop, flying sit span, flying camel spin, butterfly spin, among others. In case of flying spin, it is also possible to start from a forward spin and then go on to a back spin. A skater may also indulge into the different flying spins while performing a spin sequence. The performance of spins in pair skating involves a lot of coordination between both the partners as both of them generally perform the same type of spin or a spin combination but they have to perform this at the same time. Thus, a great level of synchronization is involved in the process. In case of dance skating, both the partners will be making the use of the same axis to rotate. They will be taking support from each other while performing this act. Thus, the level of coordination required is further greater in this case.

In addition to spins, lifts are also involved in the sport of Figure Skating. Lifts form an essential element in case of ice dancing and pair skating. There is a difference that exists between the pair lifts and the dance lifts. This difference is that in dance lifts the two partners are not allowed to lift each other above the level of the shoulders. There are different types of lifts that have been identified and that have been approved as a part of the different ISU competitions. They are broadly classified as short lifts and long lifts.

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