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All there is out there, is space. The vast amount of darkness engulfs all life, all light, all knowledge. In space there are no laws of justice, of society, of mind. In space, your life is your own. No government to say what is right and wrong. Some companies operate in space, like N.A.S.A. for example, but do they cause pleasure or pain?

“T-Minus 10 seconds”. The enormous deadly engines on the rear of Discovery ignited forcing a fire ball down through the two mile extraction pipes towards the warm coast of Florida. “We have ignition, 4, 3, 2, 1, space shuttle Discovery is go.” The scolding steel arms holding the shuttle upright blew away, as the enormous white craft rose majestically from the launching bay. It’s speed – increasing rapidly. It’s destination – out of this world.

“Hey John, you wouldn’t reckon that the mission has been jinxed would you?” asked Mel in a sheepish tone.

“Hey John get over here! I have an E.T.A. of three minutes until docking procedure commences,” said the First Officer of the Discover, William Brent.

The enormous bulk of the space shuttle Discovery crept like a mouse, slowly towards the space station – its structure staying incredibly silent, as if waiting to capture its pray. Suddenly, the enormous automatic arm launched from the enclosed bay of the craft, and grabbed onto the station’s docking pad. A loud explosion noise would have shattered the ever increasing eerie silence, if you could hear such things in space that is.

“We have capture Houston,” announced John. The disturbing clicking shattered through the silence of the inner craft, as the airlock door drifted away gently from the transport tube.

“Hi there fellers, how have you been?” Sebastian Blare’s body floated quickly down the transport tube into the massive hulk of the Discovery.

“Discovery this is Mission Control, do you copy over?” an electrical speaker crackled.

“We copy Houston, over” announced Ben into the head microphone.

“We have sent Blare and Whiler to take you to the Biotech Labs. The four canisters that are stored in Bay 1 are to be taken there on order of Vladimier Kereshnakov. Do you copy? Over,” announced the ancient crackling speaker once again.

“We copy Houston,” answered John in a very lethargic tone.

The structure of the long narrow hallway creaked as the gravity drive finally kicked in, and objects including the astronauts slowly started to descend towards the floor. Soon the crew ended up in the bright, clean, spotless white halls of the Biotech Division Laboratories.

“Hello, my name is Virkov Kievlatov of the Biotech Division. Thank You very much for the resources that your country has very kindly contributed. If you would like to return to your shuttle that would be excellent” said Virkov.

“Umm…I don’t think so! I don’t spend six hours in space when I don’t even know what its damn-well for!” argued a pretty vicious Mel.

“I’m sorry maam, its top secret by order of Russian Intelligence. We’re…”

“Hey, who the hell do you think we are? N.A.S.A. have granted us permission to come here, so that’s exactly what we intend to do! So put your finger on that plate and open the damn door! You hearing me?” blasted Miller, making Virkov go a beetroot red colour.

“Yes sir! Right away sir!” exclaimed Virkov in an extremely sheepish fashion. The huge metal door started to slide slowly in an upwards direction. There standing in the centre of the pure white room, was a very tall, and quite skinny man with a stubble beard. His name – Vladimier Kereshnakov.

“Hello John! Long time no see huh?” giggled Vladimier in an insane fashion.

“Hey don’t think I’ve come here to visit you. I’m here to see the good reason why N.A.S.A. took me off my leave!” replied John.

“Okay, okay! Gees why are you yanks so touchy?” As he said this, he pulled a pure white cover off of the table, to reveal something that immediately threw a confused but terrified face onto all of the astronauts. There on the table, lied a man – blond with tanned skin. He slowly arose from the ice cold metal table, and sat gently on the edge of it.

“This my friends, is the famous Orbitron. When all the astronauts are taken off of the station, Orbitron will stay, controlling all, by his mind.

As if it were an enormous seizure, Ben fell onto the floor and jerky spasms began all over his body. The electrical pulses that were flowing from his brain to his limbs would have been at an enormous charge, as his body was being pulled upwards and downwards in a very peculiar fashion, as if he were a string puppet. He screamed out for help, as if a shark had him in the incredibly painful clutches of its teeth. With one last scream, the blood vessels in his eyes burst, his breathing stopped and he became as stuff as a wooden doll. He collapsed on the floor, and perished into a heap of scolding flames.

Immediately, everybody stared with ultimate shock and horror at the creation that had been created. The intelligent design had turned to monstrous evil. The monster before them, walked towards Vladimier. He smiled, as if to say a polite thank you. He then raised his muscular hand to Vladimier’s face and locked onto it. With a final yelp of terror, his face crumbled into a billion small particles resting on the floor like innocent sand. Immediate terror sparked between the group as they rotated on the spot, and fled towards the airlock of the Discovery at the other end of the transfer tube. John slammed the emergency stop on the gravitational drive, and the gravitational pull oozed out to nothing. As the whole structure started to tip, they all slid floated quickly down the tube into the Discovery. As the final ounce of gravity left the ship, Sebastian pushed up towards the airlock and slammed it shut. The metal attachments made disturbing clicking noises as they locked, and the shuttle detached from the station – they were off.

“William,” said John with a sigh, “alert control for the destruction codes for…” He trailed off, as a tall, dark shadow was cast onto the control panel.

William (who was floating near to the floor), gazed up, his eyes dilated, and his mouth dropped open. He used his feet to push him slowly and quietly backwards into the Discovery’s escape pod. It was a padded room, all around – like a cell in a mental home. He turned around and punched a few keys on the wall and he heard the door slam shut. He knew that the others had no chance of living from their position in the shuttle, so he pressed the ejector button, and the pod launched off at an enormous speed towards the Earth. A warm breeze was blowing just at the lobe of his ear. A loud mechanical voice announced “30 seconds until Earth atmosphere. He jumped and swivelled around, to find the cut and bruised being, staring coldly into his eyes.

His heart beating wildly, his back against the wall, there was no-where to go. He slammed the self-destruct buttons, and the heat tiles flew off on the outside of the muscular pod. The friction of the Earth’s atmosphere caught up with the ship. The flames ripped through the hull, taking everything in its path. It left nothing, but destruction, and death.

“Space. All there is out there, is space. The vast amount of darkness engulfs all life, all light, all knowledge. In space there are no laws of justice, of society, of mind. In space, your life is your own. No government to say what is right and wrong. Some companies operate in space, like N.A.S.A. for example, but do they cause pleasure or pain?” A huge round of applause went up for me from the crowd on the Cape Canaveral Landing Bay. The President of the United States – Morgan Gibbs shook my hand, and guided me slowly off of the stage.

“William, how did you manage to survive the re-entry without the heat protection tiles? It’s impossible!” asked the President sounding very interested.

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