Sotomayer, The Man That Rules High Jump

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High jumping is a sport that has reached its present improvised form with the help of the brilliant innovations made in it by its players. Sweeney gave it the eastern cut off Horine gave it the western roll. Then there is the straddle technique mastered by Charles Dumas. The contribution made by men in this game is unforgettable and unrepeatable. There are many great male players who have contributed greatly to the game, like Javier Sotomayor, Patrik Sjoberg, Igor Paklin, Rudolf Povarnitsyn, Sorin Matei, Charles Austin, Vyacheslav Voronin, Zhu Jianhua, Hollis Conway, Gennadiy Avdeyenko, Sergey Malchenko and Dragutin Topic to name a few.

We are going to discuss the man who has done the greatest in the history of the sport who stands unbeaten from the year 1993 till date, the man, who has to his credit, the longest standing world record in history. The man named Javier Sotomayor Sanabria. He was born on the thirteenth of October in the year 1967 in Limonar, Cuba. He is regarded as the best performer in high jump. Sotomayor could not go to the 1984 Olympics even after setting the junior world record in Havana by clearing a length of 2.33 metres, due to the boycott in Cuba. He won a silver medal in the World Indoor Championships by a best jump of 2.30m in 1985. His first title was earned in 1987 at the pan American games. In 1988 he set a world record in Salamanca of 2.43m but still he was denied participation in the 1988 Olympics due to a Cuban Boycott again. Twice has he increased the world record, once to 2.44m on July 29, 1989 in San Juan and then again in Salamanca, July 23, 1993 he set it to 4.45m. He is also known for setting the current indoor record of 2.43m that he achieved on the 4th of March 1989 in Budapest. When finally, he could compete in the Olympics, he won the gold medal in 1992 and the silver medal in 2000. This was after the drug usage suspension was reversed. He was tested positively for Cocaine in 1999 at the pan American Games. Fidel Castro claimed this was a frame by the Cuban-American mafia and Sotomayor had claimed innocence. Sotomayors exemplary career record motivated IAAF to shorten his suspension and let him compete at the 2000 Olympics. In 1993 and 1997, he won the world championship.

The dominance he enjoys over the game is very rarely mirrored by any other player in history. Of the twenty four best high jumps in the world, seventeen are his. He has cleared the 2.40 mark the maximum times in history and is the only person to have achieved 2.44m. No one has jumped higher than 2.40 m ever since he did the last time in 2005 at the Pan American Games in Mar del Plata, Argentina. The only people to have equalled it are Vyacheslav Voronin (London 2000), Stefan Holm (Madrid, 2005), and Ivan Ukhov (Piraeus 2009). Sotomayor ended his career in 2001 after another positive drug test.

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