Sony Playstation 2

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I am conducting an investigation on the market strategy to show the strengths and weaknesses and evaluate its success. I will look at how the product is sold and compare it with other leading companies. I will then make a conclusion on the effectiveness on the marketing campaign and make recommendations on improvements and express my opinion for any improvements that may be necessary.

The product

I have chosen a popular games console as my product, this is mainly used by teenagers and young adults (target market). The Playstation 2 is one of the leading games consoles in the home video games market. It is capable of playing various types of media. From the VIDEO CD ROMS, ROM GAMES CD MUSIC, to the DVD FILMS. This means that apart from playing games you can also watch film and listen to music .It is therefore in the a home entertainment system segment of the market.


Although the Playstation 2 its self does not provide the software (games) to the customer a large selection of games are available. There are a wide range of genre games, aimed at various types of customer e.g. simulation; action, flight, driving/racing, adventure also in the selection are popular T.V and film shows “James Bond”,” Weakest Link”

Quality and Brand Name

The Playstation 2 is produced and manufactured by the company Sony entertainment. This is already a top selling electrical name around the world, as it produces good quality products. The Playstation (Sony’s first console) was popular when entering the console market as it had the brand name of Sony to help sales. The succession of the Playstation helped the reputation of the Playstation 2 before it even came out giving it an advantage in the market.


The product has a number of competitors, as there is a very large and demanding market for game technology in this time and age.

The Playstation 2 it’s self.

(One of the top games consoles)

It is the second fastest loading console and people love the image of it and the features. It can play DVD’s and play music, also having special ports so that you may connect to the Internet to play other people in different countries. It has more features than any other console on the market. More people buy this console than any other as it is already recognised from its early product the Playstation that was also very popular, giving it an advantage in the market. The amount of games is also a factor as the better quality of games the better and the larger the choice.

The X Box the Microsoft’s version of their game console.

(Also up there at the top of the marketing ladder)

One of the fastest games consoles around. This means the graphics and the speed of loading is supreme to the rest of the market. It can also access the Internet to play multiplayer with other people around the world. Not many people consider this to be the top games console as it is two big and is new to the console market. The games are dull and boring and very few games are found interesting buy the consumers.

The Nintendo games cube.

(New on the market)

Although Nintendo are renowned for their games consoles, this console hasn’t much to offer. It is just a games console and the market is demanding more features. It has the game boy, game boy advance and the super Nintendo success behind it; but other console play old games as well as knew. In the case of the game cube you just have the small CD in which only works for the new console making it less appealing to the market.

The Sega Dreamcast

(One of the oldest consoles in the market (present time))

The Dreamcast came out this year and was expected of impressive and good things. It sadly wasn’t, and simply was not any threat to the top consoles. It has little to offer, as it is as big as it is useless. The Dreamcast was difficult to use and children couldn’t figure out the controls as easily. The kind of games you could buy for the console where boring and no one wanted to but them. The only aspect of the console was the memory card in which you could remove and play with.

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