Sons of Liberty

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It is lack of patriotism in the citizens of any nation to stand and see the enactment and implementation of oppressive laws (Armengol-Carrere, 2008). The sons of liberty have remained one of the many patriotic groups in the history of the American nation. Made mainly of middle class Americans, shopkeepers, and artisans, the group evidently helped in the ineffectiveness of the then proposed Stamp Act of 1765 (Kreamer, 2010). This was simply based on the reason that the proposed law sort to impose stamp taxes on printed materials.

Many have claimed that the sons of liberty were terrorists due to the fact that most of their protests and demonstrations were often violent and highly destructive. It is however to be noted that such incidences have been claimed to have been a direct result of the increased involvement of the masses in the protest and demonstrations. The author of this essay gives an argument in support of the thesis that the sons of liberty not terrorists but true patriots of the American nation.

The realization of justice and fairness in the human community has been over history a controversial involvement many a times calling for protests and demonstrations (Armengol-Carrere, 2008). The stamp act was made to fund for the upkeep of the British troops which were in the American land. It is to be realized that the presence of the troops signified the continued colonization of the Americans. Still clear from the intent of the legislation is the fact that none was to better the lives of the colonies despite the fact that they were the main target for contributing the taxes.

This was mainly because most middle class Americans were shopkeepers and artisans thus major users of paper. It was thus because of involvement in protest against the imposing of the act that the sons of liberty should be regarded as patriots as they defended their right to paying taxes by consent (Kreamer, 2010). The struggles by the sons of liberty led to the ultimate beginning of the American Revolution. This has been closely attributed to the fact that the sons of liberty instilled sense of rebellion on the unfair rule of the British people (Armengol-Carrere, 2008).

It also clearly showed that the Americans can sufficiently defend their human rights and thus realized justice in the society. It is worth stating that the American Revolution led to the Americans realization of independence thus leading to a fair and just society free from dictatorial and unjust governance. Therefore, the sons of liberty through their protests led to the ultimate realization of justice through independence in the American nation (Kreamer, 2010).

Many have claimed that the sons of liberty led to much destructions property and life. It is however clear from existing historical information that such destructions were mainly a result of the increased involvement of the masses (Kreamer, 2010). This evidently means that most of the violent and destructive activities carried out were not necessarily by command of the group’s representatives. It is also to be noted here that the effective realization of justice from a colonial power has rarely been through negotiation.

It is indeed due to these acts of violence and destruction that the stamp act never realized much effectiveness on implementation thus leading to justice and fairness of treatment for the Americans (kreamer, 2010). In conclusion, it is evidently clear that the many protests and demonstrations by the sons of liberty set the basis for the beginning of the American Revolution. It is thus true to logically claim that the sons of liberty are greatly responsible for the ultimate realization of independence of the American nation. They should thus be honored as true patriots of the American nation.

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