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There are two songs that are both very reminiscent of a soviet past, and in this article we’re going to compare and contrast them. Those songs are Born in the USSR and Made in the USSR. Generally these songs are both talking about having been born and raised in the USSR, but the two songs differ on some very key elements and meanings. The first song Born in the USSR is generally speaking about the past and the things that they’ve done as people. This song uses a lot of metaphors in order to convey the meaning of nostalgia to the listener.

When it comes to the lyrics in the end of the song “yesterday you were chief and today you are an orphan” I believe they are referring to the fall in power that the Soviet Union went through. This particular power was once such a super power that it was able to compete with super powers such as the united states for years, however it then fell which means that it fell from power. The USSR which is now the former Soviet Union has fallen from the great heights where it once stood.

Namely as it’s mentioned in the song the nation went from being a chief to being an orphan which is now far more dependant on other nations than t would have been in many, many years. The next song is called Made in the USSR. This song is a more attacking song. It’s definitely nostalgic for the reign of the Soviet past, but it goes about saying it in a very different way. This song brings up all of the good things that the Soviet Union has to offer the world, such as chess and ballet, as well as opera and beautiful women.

It asks you to name one thing that the USSR does not or did not have. The song then goes on to mention that the allied forces such as Britain and the US won world war two with Russia, but it delves into a harsher tone with it’s use of the line “without us you are nothing. ” The song expresses an obvious bitterness for the nation having had backs turned on it. This is probably in reference to the fact that the majority of nations never did anything to help the USSR which eventually led to it’s downfall which is now simply known as the former Soviet Union.

These songs are both obviously nostalgic for a long passed era, but they go about expressing it in different ways. The first song is more of a song of longing. The singer is longing for the days past, while the second song is talking about how good things were and asking where were those to help when it fell. This second song simply names the accomplishments of the USSR and reaffirms it’s place as one of the greater nations in history. This is what can be seen when you take these two songs and compare and contrast them.

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