Softball – Teams and Accomplishments

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The real dread teams today in the world of softball are Atlanta (Georgia), Sydney (Australia), Athens (Greece) and Beijing (china). More than any other place softball has got a huge craze in these respective countries. In fact these have been the champions in softball Olympics tournaments held every four years from 1996 to 2008 respectively.

The interests are not only developing amongst the male players only but a lot of participation and enthusiasm has been seen from the female players to build up a strong team. Jennie Finch, Monica Abbott, Jessica Mendoza, Cat Osterman, Natasha Watley and Stacey Nuveman are some of the strong female players from the women’s national team of softball. According to them, the game is a lot of fun filled with loads of excitements and it is not only this but it is a matter of great honor and pride that their efforts are being taken into account and that they are being appreciated for their hard work. This is further more rewarding and definitely motivating.

For them softball is just not a game, it is something they associate their lives with, that is, it has come so close to their lives. They had won several gold medals in 1996 Olympics against Japan, China, Canada and Australia. Whereas in the same year only China had won the silver medal and Australia hitting the bronze. Since softball was taken very seriously in United States, US is therefore one of the teams marking their winning down these years. Owing to these developments, the sport is increasingly gaining importance in the United States.

There are two national men’s teams based on fast pitch and slow pitch. Adam Lalonde, Blake Miller, Chase Turner, Daryn Miller are some of the players from the fast pitch team. Their head coach is Peter Turner and assistant coach Thad Brown. Men’s fast pitch national team from USA is one of the best teams in the field of softball.

To support this sport and to put it across the wide audience, sponsors from various backgrounds are also participating. Brand names like United Airlines, Nike, Great Plains, Coke Cola and many more are showing up their support big time to propel this particular sport. Demarini sports and diamond sports are few of the suppliers to this sport. These suppliers are definitely contributing in a big way in order to support this sport in many ways. They are not just sponsoring the sport but some of these companies are also contributing towards sponsoring the training of the specific players while some of the sponsors are categorically pushing some of the events of the sport.

It takes a lot to increase the standard of any sport and to put it across huge audiences, therefore all the players and sponsors are working hand in hand so that softball can be brought in to the world account and people should know about it. Several trials are also being put up to bring this game into the Olympics league.

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