Social Structure: Handling Diversity at Hewlett Packard

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The Hewlett Packard (HP) Developing Company is a technology corporation that operates all over the world and has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California in the United States. (Company profile for Hewlett Packard, 2008). HP deals with developing and manufacturing devices such as computers, storage, networking and software devices. HP clients include households, enterprises that are served on line, software partners and major technology vendors. Formal Organization of People At HP Formal organization is the legitimate official and most visible part of a company.

Its elements include the goals, objectives, job descriptions, policies, resources of finance, structure, communication channels, products and services. HP’s goal of becoming the world’s largest and leading in IT has been achieved since in 2007, it outdid crooners like IBM in terms of sales reported revenues of over $100 billion. It has also been ranked the 5th largest software company overtaking its competitors like Dell (BR,2007). HP is headed by a president who is also the Chief Executive officer and the chairman of the board. This position is currently held by Mark Hudd. The Executive Vice Presidents (EVP)

The EVP Chief Administrative Officer’s responsibility includes the shared and administrative services of the company such as the real estate and work places, services procurement and the financial services. The EVP, Personal Systems Group responsibility lies in the market. He motions the HP’s sales through commercial links and to customers directly. The EVP General Counsel and Secretary roles include legal affairs of the company such as patents, licences, litigation and regulatory process. The EVP Chief Financial Officer’s roles include controlling the overall financial activities of the company.

She leads the business unit finance, treasury and tax. The EVP Imaging and Printing Group deals with ink jet, commercial printing and supplies, laser jet, digital photography, graphics and entertainment. The EVP ,Technology solutions Group, roles includes ensuring the supply of servers, software and storage world wide. The EVP, Chief Information Officer’s roles include the strategy for information technology (IT) globally and all assets of the company concerning IT. EVP Human Resources has a worldwide responsibility for workforce development and effectiveness in organization.

The EVP Chief Strategy and Technology Officer monitors the company’s corporate marketing function. The Senior Vice Presidents are three and these include the Research and Director of HP laboratories, the Chief Sales Officer and the Chief Marketing Officer. Informal Organization of People at HP Informal organization entails the unofficial and less visible part of an organization. Nevertheless, it forms an important aspect in the firm. It is characterized by the values, beliefs, attitude, perceptions ad feelings held by the people in that organization.

The founders of HP developed a unique kind of management known as the HP way that entails a deep respect for the individual, dedication to quality and reliability and a view that the company is there to commit to contribution to technology for the advancement and welfare of humanity. (Malone M. , 2007) In conclusion, the management is responsible for ensuring co-existence within the employees by encouraging team play and motivation. The CEO can therefore be looked upon as an informal leader because he unites the various groups into one.

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