Social responsibility within their organization

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For this assignment I have chosen to take a look at Exxon Mobil and highlight a few examples of social responsibility within their organization. Upon visiting this leader of the Fortune 500 website, I found many articles and references highlighting this factor, I will tell about the four examples of social responsibility that most intrigued me. One of the first articles I came across detailed how, Exxon Mobile will donate $500,000 dollars to the American Red Cross and United Way for Hurricane Issac disaster relief assistance in Louisiana and Mobile, Alabama.

Through this donation the Red Cross will be able to provide food, shelter, counseling and many other services that are much needed in those areas. In addition to this, many of their employees have volunteered their time and are helping to clear debris, patch roofs, and rebuild homes. Since the year of 2000 Exxon Mobile has made a contribution of more than $110 million dollars to help put a stop to the spread of malaria. In this effort they have worked with organizations to reach over 66 million people. They have provided 13 million bed nets, 1.

7 million treatment doses, 878,000 rapid diagnostic hits and trained 100,000 health care workers and counselors. Exxon Mobile has reported that they have improved their drilling rate by 80% since introducing the Fast Drill Process. This results in an annual energy savings equalavant to removing 1200 cars off the road the additional reduction in fuel consumed means a proportionate decrease in air emissions. Lastly, Savings Initiative(EESI) is part of Exxon Mobile’s ongoing commitment to increase energy efficiency and reduce our overall environmental footprint.

The EESI program promotes behaviors that reduce waste and improve efficiency. With the implementation of the Greens point facility in the United States, Styrofoam cups restocking has been reduced significantly. Employees use reusable cups: Additionally, paper, plastic, glass and aluminum recycling has also increased. In conclusion, I believe when a company is so supported by so many members in a society that it is only right for that company to give back to the social well being of it’s customers.

I also think that everyone of these programs put in place by Exxon Mobile are vital and necessary for the overall betterment of our social environment. I was very pleased to read about this company’s efforts to help the victims of “Hurricane Issac” because I have several family members who were hit by this tragedy. Furthermore, the other programs that were put in place are important in order for us to keep living and for us to live in a clean society.

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