Social Ethics

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I. Summary / Synopsis

The topic is about Social Ethics, subdivided into three chapters: The Human Values, The State and the Church, and Work Ethics. This paper has the goal to give reaction to the said topic and its subtopics, which encompasses the basic concepts and laws pertaining to social ethics and values in our society. It also covers facts and definitions about moral values, the state, the Church, and work-related concepts.

II. Analysis / Evaluation

The whole piece was generally informative and provided valid sources when quoting important definitions of concepts from famous personalities. It also gives a background of each topic so as to guide the reader well. Each topic has detailed subtopics and ideas which are also explained thoroughly. Another added fact is that the piece makes use of examples in which Filipino readers find easier to understand and digest, such as common phrases and sayings about values.

Each of the three subtopics of the piece can leave out valuable information to the reader, as well as specific terminologies and concepts that should also be learned. Each topic is not too short or too long for an average reader and uses a fair amount of professional English, which is also good for most readers who cannot understand articles that may be too technical. The topics also make good use of examples which Filipinos find quite easy to relate to. Despite the fact that the topic of Work Ethics seemed too long and detailed, I think that it’s okay because there are really many concepts and terminologies under that topic, especially in our society today, where there is a huge gap between employers and employees.

As for the neutrality of the piece, I think that everything goes well because there are some topics with only few subtopics under it, such as The State and the Church, which should only discuss about the definitions and difference of the two. However, the piece missed out on the difference of the two sides and why they should be separated from each other.

III. Your Reactions

As a Filipino, this article is a great read, especially for people who want to understand more about our Filipino values and how we should correct the wrong ones for the sake of not just ourselves but also other people around us. It also gives us a clearer view of how society today should act according to values, especially when it comes to work and labor issues, because not all workers are treated equally. I think that the article is also a great eye-opener for people to stop discrimination and not be ignorant when it comes to rights and values of being a citizen of our country. Ethics in the society plays an important part in our well-being not just because of adjusting to different people in the society but also for us, so we can grow mentally and spiritually and preserve the good values of the Filipino people.

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