Snowboarding – Significance of Skills and Exercises

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There are several skills and exercises that play a very significant role in the sport of snowboarding. Some of these include stance and balance, stopping, edging, pivot and steering, lessons, pressure control, and others. One of the most important skills that are required to be mastered is the balance maintaining technique.

It is very important for any snowboarder to ensure that he is able to maintain his body on the center of the board. This is because once the rider is well aware about the kind of balance he is maintaining; it is very easy for the snowboarder to perform different tricks as a part of this sport. The technique of maintaining balance can be definitely improved by different snowboarders by performing different types of exercises such as switch riding or ensuring to hop between the different turns.

Another skill that is required by a snowboarder when going down on a mountain is the skill of stopping. There are many ways in which this skill can be successfully performed. While stopping, the pressure has to be placed in the on the edge of the toe side. At the same time, they ensure that their weight is concentrated on the backside of the board. This will be helpful in ensuring that the boarder can be guided to the right side. If the pressure is continued to be applied on the toe side, then the board will ultimately come to a stop. Another way through which the board can be stopped is by ensuring that the pressure can be put on the edge of the heel side. By insertion of this type of pressure, the boarder will be guided towards left side and it will ultimately slow down and finally it will stop.

Pivot and Steering is another important skill that is required to be possessed by a snowboarder and this skill is related to the mechanism by which a board can be turned. These techniques of pivoting and steering can be achieved by ensuring the rotation of one’s body. The direction of the boards can be changed by the snowboarders by ensuring the rotation of the upper part of the body. When the instructors are teaching this particular skill to the snowboarders, then they have to ensure that the people who are learning this sport should be able to feel the rotation of their body. This rotation is to be then passed from the upper body to the board. Some of the exercises that can be helpful for a snowboarder to improve this skill are static steering, fall line pivot and motorboat exercise.

Yet another skill is the one where the use of ankles, knees and hips is generally made by the riders for the purpose of creating an edge. One of the most important aspects while performing these skills is maintaining the balance of the body particularly on the board edge. By using this skill, it will be very easy for the riders to keep a check on their speed. The exercises that can be helpful in learning this skill and also in implementing this in a better way are J-turn, static edge change exercise, and rail-to-rail. The skill has been given the name of carving. The other skills that play a very important role for a snowboarder are effective timing and coordination and also appropriate pressure control.

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