Snow Boarding Styles – The Various Ways To Enjoy Snowboarding

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Snow boarding is a sport which involves the retarding motion on the slope covered with snow mainly mountains by the means of snowboard attached to the riders foot wearing special type of heavy boots. These boots are especially made for snow boarding to make sure the comfort level of the riders. It was discovered in U.S.A and later went on being the winter Olympic sport in 1998. Despite of the fact that snow boarding is a lot of risk it interests people big time.

There are various ways to enjoy snowboarding rightly called snow boarding styles. Jibbing and rail riding, free riding, dry slope, freestyles and free carve are the various styles of snow boarding. Beginning with JIBBING AND RAIL RIDING, which basically involves riding on a specific rail track involving different obstacles both man made and natural like interruption of trees to ensure their specializing skills during the long run of snow boarding.

Coming up to FREE RIDING, which is one of the most common styles of snow boarding as involves natural platforms has steep curves during the course of riding. It is basically riding down on any kind of terrain available to the rider. The equipment used for this style is basically a stiff soft boot with bidirectional twin snow board.

Getting down to DRY SLOPE which is the third style of snow boarding which basically is meant for those people who want to enjoy snowboarding in summers or who are quite a distance from the mountain snow area. These are entirely man made platforms made up of crossed hatched metal holding plastic bristles for riding on. This part of snow boarding is common in England and parts of Europe.

Time to get tricky with FREE STYLE snow boarding which basically involves natural and man made hurdles where the rider gets to perform various aerial jib tricks. These tricks are most commonly performed by the help of boxes rails, or even trees. These tricks are basically performed to add style to the whole act of snow boarding which some times may include a full 360 degrees rotation in the air. This type of snow boarding is one of the most interesting one amongst all others thereby grabs a lot of risk as well.

Last but not the least the FREE CARVE which is much like a traditional skiing which takes place on hard packed snow and focuses basically the carving turns. This focus on carving turn is very important and is not to be missed by the rider. There is an absolute no jumping taking place in this form of snow boarding. It is performed by wearing a ski-like hard shell boots along with the true directional snow board which is extremely stiff and narrow to give out the best, fast and responsive turns.

Despite of these interesting styles and most exciting sport one must not forget to keep a check on total safety. Its only when you are safe you can perform. Proper knowledge should be gained before getting into professional snow boarding. Keep your safety in your hands and enjoy your snowboarding.

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