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“Thank you citizens of New York,” the president shouted after giving an inspiring speech to the people of New York, over recent drugs war. The crowd returned the favour with a huge applause, as loud as an explosion and as hopeful as an exam student. Would this speech, convince the whole of America?

The president was still standing; his floppy hair was fluttering in the wind, like a bird, flying home to feed its offspring. He has only recently been elected for a second term in office, with another landslide victory over his opponents due to a very successful first term. This caring man, who America loved, had still worked up a number of enemies during 4 years of office. He had attacked Iraq and the leading drug barons in Colombia with great success, and these nations were poised for revenge. The crowd began to cheer, “George Ford! George Ford!” everyone had happy faces, they were smiling for a new U.S.A. They were part of the biggest in terms of military power, and most prosperous nation in the world.

All around the president were huge bemusing skyscrapers, but next to him was a new hospital built for the people of New York. The weather was glorious! Summer sun, no clouds and a cooling breeze to finish it off, at that moment the sun had fully blocked off the sun for this street and the street was turned to darkness, but they had nothing to fear or did they? Opposite the president, on the 31st floor, a window gently slides open, like a mother gently carrying her child to safety.

Emerging from the window is a man referred to as “Sniper”, a professional assassin, who has been hired to perform a number of high profile assassinations. He is wearing a full body leather suit, he is blacker than black, as black as evil itself. He carried a full suited hitman armour containing, a wide selection of weapons, thermal goggles, demolitions and electronics kits, flashbangs, you name it, Sniper had it. He is ready to complete his next assignment.

He positions his sniper rifle on the high-ridged window ledge and peers down on the president, like an eagle peers down on its prey. He can kill the president at any moment he desires to do so. He is patiently waiting for the moment when he feels its time to press hiss index finger on the trigger of his sniper rifle. He swallows a diazepam tablet, to stop any movement in his hands, to eliminate the smallest chance of him failing his mission. He is now ready.

He aims his pointer straight for the president’s heart, the heart of America! He breathes in…BANG!!! He breathes out. Shrieks and screams are then heard from down below Sniper, as the assassinated president’s body drops to the ground, his bodyguards move in to check for any signs of life…None, Mission Complete!!!

He packs away his gun and other equipment, slowly, gently, not rushing at all, to leave no clues. He runs out of the room with only a HKP silenced pistol, with up to date laser sighting. He runs into an opened elevator, which he had already opened when he entered. A rope is hanging from the top of the elevator shaft when he ascended when he entered, he would now descend on the rope, through abseiling. He attaches a device to the rope and attaches it to himself; he then continued to descend to the bottom floor.

Further and further into the darkness, when he finally reaches the bottom floor, the second floor basement. He then re-enters an already open elevator door, into an extremely long, thin corridor, he slowly jogs to the end of the corridor and reaches an opened sewage panel, Sniper enters and seals the vent with a blowtorch, to cover his tracks. He slides down the vent, increasing in velocity, which leads to the sewers.

He leaps to the bottom of the pipe, and runs further and further away, away from the city. He has accomplished this challenging mission, another high profile figure to his list of completed assignments. Silence, he is a mouse running through the sewers of New York, running into his fee of $50 million.

It is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, isolated and cut off from society. There is a huge mansion, a gem in the ocean. A helicopter approaches the island, and changes the sound level from silence to a high level of sound likened to a tornado. It’s heading towards the heliport at the southern part of the island.

As the helicopter descends, sand is whirled away, due to the revolving, sharp, sword-like blades of the helicopter. The door slides open and a young well-dressed adult male, leaps out onto the sand. Due to the helicopter blades, you can’t fully see him, as the sand is everywhere. But he still walks.

The helicopter engine stops, and the storm of sand slowly stops. As you look at this mysterious man, you see his appearance much more clearly now. He is wearing an expensive, well-maid modern suit, with a matching shirt to fit. He is also wearing a pair of designer sunglasses. He has gelled dark, spiky hair with reasonably long sideburns. You could describe his appearance as being cool.

He then ambles toward a red door, he doesn’t rush, and he just slowly struts towards the red door. He touched a switch and a piece of equipment which two holes for eyepieces appeared from a hole in the door. He took off his shades and placed his two eyes on the two pieces. A humming noise was heard as his eyes were scanned, and then it stopped, and silence was once again heard. The device then disappeared and a click was heard and the door was unlocked, and the man entered.

Looking ahead was a dark, black room. The man enters the room and sees the silhouette of a man sitting in a chair; he then proceeds to sit down in a chair opposite the silhouette, about 5 metres away, where he cannot even see the man. The man is waiting for speech to be initiated from the silhouette. An eerie silence, darkens the room, the man is fidgeting a bit, getting a touch nervous, touching his hair, messing with his hand. Opposite, no movement is apparent.

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