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In the Smart Roadster advert the word ‘helter skelter’ is significantly enlarged in a modern and fun style. The text is in black with a thick white border. Helter skelter refers back to the fairground earlier. Underneath this are the words; we dig your cornering, but not your carpet burns’. This is quite large, bold and black which suggests ‘read me’ in the text below the car it hints adventure because of the font and effect of rhetorical questions. These questions are effective because they make the reader think therefore spending time on looking at the advert and time to enjoy the advert and product.

The adverts both use a lot of techniques in order to sell the product. A technique that is used on both adverts is rhetorical questions. The Peugeot 206 cc advert uses only one rhetorical question where as the Smart Roadster uses many. Rhetorical questions are questions that don’t need to be answered. Another technique used in both adverts is pictures. Adverts use pictures to show the product they are selling and then usually portray you in the car having fun. In the Smart Roadster advert it uses rhetorical questions, imperatives (join in) and colour to attract a consumer.

The logo used on the adverts is so the advert is easily recognizable without seeing the product. The logo used on the Peugeot 206 cc advert stands out from the background, as it is a blue square with a white lion drawn in the middle. The lion could symbolise strength, power, pride, courage, wisdom and regalness, which may relate to the qualities of the car. The design of the logo and the intricacy of it maybe to show the care put into not just the logo, but the car as well. Then hereditary of the lion suggest, kings, warriors, royalty, guards, English football shirts. This indicates that you would feel powerful in the car and it would be a privilege to drive.

The logo on the Smart Roadster is in lower case text suggesting child like letters. This implies play and learning which you may have in the car. The logo stands out from the background colour and the outside edge is angular hinting that the handling of the car is good as well as the traction of the tyres. The c in the logo could denote vision and what you can see whilst in the car. It could also mean how people see you when driving. The triangular shape next to this letter could be a play button suggesting you will have fun in this car non-stop.

To conclude this piece of writing I would say that the Smart roadster is more effective because of the use of colour, pictures, advertising techniques used and the text. The Peugeot 206 cc advert appeals to a larger audience therefore the advert cannot use some words that are extensive in language if the person is younger. The Smart Roadster advert appeals you a younger audience consequently using a younger language than it would if it was for an older audience. The colours on the Smart Roadster advert are a lot more fun than the Peugeot 206 cc advert implying I would have more fun if I bought that car.

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