Small Business Enterprises

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This study is a document research of pre-existing data of two small business units in a local town of (state/country). The motivation to do a document research stems from the observation that employees when asked about Hr practices or even retention strategies does not have a clear understanding of the concept. For example, the use of compensation and other benefits may be used by the management as retention measures but to the employee it is just payment for their services or the amount of work that they have accomplished and invariably affects the outcome of the study.

Productivity as direct business outputs can be measured using existing records of daily operations such as the number of sales. The present study is an exploratory research in such that few studies have been able to directly investigate retention strategies and small business productivity. Data Collection Two small business enterprises that produced the same kind of goods and sell it on a daily basis and have 15 or fewer employees have been identified by the researcher and was contacted to allow the researcher to conduct a document research of the business.

Consent was given and the researcher ascertained whether the research groups had the necessary documents needed for the analysis of retention measures and productivity, it was found that one of the company had fewer retention strategies and was designated as a comparison group for the 19 business that had more than the usual compensation elements and benefits.

This condition enabled the researcher to determine the effect if retention measures to productivity. The researcher then made copies of all the necessary documents spanning two weeks or one compensation cycle. Clarifications regarding the reports and numbers were asked and notes were taken to guide the researcher in the identification of sales reports. Further questions were coursed through the phone during the analysis of the data.

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