Slavery in the eighteenth century

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Slavery to a large extent is whereby human beings are traded like goods for cash in order to provide labor which in most cases is forced. The slaves tend to have no rights and are mistreated by their master who is the one that bought them. They are brutally bitten to make them work harder. Since they are just properties owned by the masters, they have no one to defend them so they cannot complain to anyone (Berlin, 1998).

In the early 18th century, slaves of the African and African American descend showed their opposition of slavery through a number of ways. For starters, they used fortified uprisings like the “Stono rebellion” and the “The New York slave insurrection of 1741. ” They also opposed through indolent acts, tool breaking and most common of all through running away either for ever or for a short term (Edmund, 327).

This in turn would paralyze the work to be done due to reduced number of slaves. The American colonialists did not speak out on slavery not until the revolutionary era, plus and including the religious groups (Levine, 1977). In 1844 petition against slavery that was written 150 years earlier was rediscovered and became focus of the rapidly increasing abolitionist lobby group. The proposal of all human beings having the same rights was the focal point (Edmund, 328).

Slavery was formally approved by Philadelphia annual assembly in 1776 and the discussion on elimination and topics on human rights became official in the pronouncement of self-government, in the U. S constitution and soon after the Gettysburg Address. Subsequent to the revolution, a number of autonomous U. S states that were actually new started writing constitutions that did away with slavery (Berlin, 1998).

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