Ski Jumping – The Major International Events

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There are several international events related to ski jumping that are organized in different parts of the world. The most renowned international event of ski jumping is the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup. The body that is behind the organization of this World Cup year after year is International Ski Federation. The first ever world cup took place in the 1979-80 season.

The total number of competitions in each every season of this World Cup is between 25 to 30. On a weekend, generally two competitions are held on the same hill. There are three rounds in each of the competitions. These rounds are the qualifying round, the first round and the second round.

Another significant international event of ski jumping is the Winter Olympics. In fact, the sport that has been included as a part of the program of each and every Winter Olympic Games is ski jumping. The type of competitions that were organized during the period 1924 to 1956 generally involved each of the participants to jump from one of the hills. The length of these hills varied between the different editions of the game. The length was later fixed by some of the historians and the fixed length was 70 meters. The hills matching this criterion were classified as the large hills. The standardization of this length for the ski jump hill was made to 80 meters in 1960. The addition of a second ski jump was ensured in the year 1964 wherein the normal hill was described at a length of 70 meters while the large hill was described to have a length of 80 meters.

In 1968, the large hill specification was once again revised and there was an increased in the length of the large hill ensured. This increase was from 80 meters to 90 meters. In the year 1988, the team event of the large hill type was also added to the competition.

The use of the K-point distances was made in order to refer to the different ski jumping competitions by the year 1992. Thus, after this change in specification, the run length of the hills was not considered that is the length that was observed prior to ski jump launch. This length was 120 meters for the large hill and it was 90 meters for the small hill. Since then, the same specification and trend has been continually followed. The designations that were used for normal hill and large hill during the Winter Olympics held in 2006 were HS106 (K95) and HS140 (K125) respectively.

As a part of the Winter Olympics, the competitions that are held are only meant for the men ski jumpers. This has been the trend even since 2006. However, a proposal has been submitted to the International Olympic Committed by the FIS with the prime objective of starting the competitions for the women ski jumpers in this international event of high international repute. This petition or proposal was also sent in the year 2006. At that time, the petition was rejected by the committee. This was in spite of the fact that other international ski jumping competitions had allowed the inclusion of the women ski jumping event. These included the Ski World Championships of FIS Nordic.

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