Ski Jumping Competitions

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Ski Jumping can be described as a sport wherein the ski jumpers will use a take-off ramp to first go down and then indulge in jumping. After jumping, they have the prime objective of landing and covering the farthest possible distance on the below hill. The different ski jumpers are not just evaluated for the length that they achieve while jumping but they are also evaluated for the style they used during the act. The use of long as well as wide skis is generally made for facilitating the sport of ski jumping. Since snow is used to perform this sport, thus, primarily speaking, this sport is a winter sport.

Ski Jumping is one of the major sports played at the Winter Olympic Games. However, another season in which the sport is also performed is the summer season. When this sport is performed in the summer season, then the use of some of the artificial surfaces is made which are made up of porcelain. At these times, the in the in-run section, the use of the frost rail track is made while in the landing hill section the use of plastic is made.

In the present scenario, there are primarily three types of hills where the ski jumping competitions related to the world cup are held. These three types of hill competitions include ski-flying competitions, normal hill competitions and large hill competitions. The distance that is generally used as the calculation line for the normal hill competitions is generally between 80 to 100 meters. However, it is also possible for some of the skiers to achieve a distance that is even more than 110 meters.

The distance that is used as the calculation line in case of the large hill competitions is between 120 to 130 meters. However, it is also possible to achieve a distance of even more than 145 meters. Both individuals and teams are capable of participating in the large hill competitions. Finally, for the ski-flying competitions, the distance that is used for the calculation line is generally found to be at 185 meters.

The competitions that are held on the smaller hills are generally the junior and the amateur competitions. There are training jumps and other two scored jumps that are included as a part of the individual competitions that are held at the Olympic Games. There are team events also organized at Olympic Games. These team events comprise four members of the same country. Each of these members are allocated a total of two jumps each during the competition.

There are several ski jumping competitions that are held during the summer. The World Cup competition is known by the name of Summer Grand Prix. As far as Olympics is concerned, Ski Jumping has been a part of Olympics since 1924. In 1964, the large hill competition of ski jumping was also included as a part of this competition. Olympics is primarily involving the men’s ski jumping competitions. One of the international ski jumping competitions, where the women are known to participate is the Continental Cup. Several other bodies also allowed the women slowly and steadily to participate in the ski jumping competitions. Recently, a proposal has also been posted in order to include women ski jumping competitions as a part of the Winter Olympics which is scheduled to be held at Vancouver.

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