Skateboarding vs. BMX Biking

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Not many outsiders are aware that there is a deep rivalry between skateboarders and BMX bikers. There is a little bit of crossover between the two communities—their fashion senses and overall attitudes are basically identical—but they also tend to occupy the same space, which can sometimes lead to a slight beef between the two. It’s mostly friendly, of course, but that doesn’t mean the two groups won’t viciously trash talk one another when given the chance. Let’s look at how these two sports stack up against each other.

1. Which is easier? If you go out to any place where there are lots of kids skating, you’ll notice that the number of tricks successfully landed is somewhere around one in a thousand, to be generous. Skateboarding tricks are just plain hard, and they require years of determination to master. BMX bikes are easy to maneuver if you know how to ride a bike, and it’s much easier to go faster and higher on a bike.

2. Which is more accessible: A good skateboard can be made from scratch for under $100, or you can buy a serviceable one from a store for even less. This makes sense, of course, as skateboards are easy to break and hardcore boarders can go through several in a year. BMX bikes, on the other hand, can get into the hundreds of dollars, with the nice ones costing over $1,000. What this means is that BMX biking is generally for the kids who are more well-off, which can be a big source of resentment among their rival skateboarders.

3. Which tricks are more impressive? Since BMX biking is easier, it’s much easier to perform tricks that look impressive. But when you get to the more advanced tricks, things aren’t so simple. BMX tricks quickly level out in terms of skill and novelty, while skaters reap big rewards from the challenge inherent in their game. Plus, there is endless room for creativity in skating. While BMX bikers work to perfect a pretty standard set of tricks, skateboarders have room to make things up as they go.

4. Which is safe? Because bikes go faster, they’re much more dangerous in certain situations. But skateboarding can become just as dangerous when you start getting into those steep pool tricks and flying down hills with reckless abandon. In the end, the sports may be tied in this category, as it’s really up to each individual to decide how fast and reckless to go.

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