Simons Construction Limited

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Simons Construction is a company now situated all over Britain. The company started in Nottingham where a small firm called W and J Simons was formed in 1873. The firm moved from Nottingham to Lincoln in 1944 to service the many airfields around the area. This was the start of what the company has turned into today. Simons have branches in 10 different locations around Britain. The Company: Simons is a Private Limited Business. Under the Companies act of 1980 this basically means there must be at least two or more members or share holders.

The word Limited must be included in the name of the business due to letting other business be aware of what sort of company they would be trading with. The shares of Simons therefore may not be sold to members of the general public but are issued by the company. There are many types of businesses in today’s market and it is important for companies like Simons to no and understand there differences. Partnerships: A Partnership is defined in The Partnership Act of 1890 as the ‘relation which subsists between persons carrying on business with common view to profit’.

This can be condensed down to ‘a partnership has more than one owner’. Being a partnership everything is shared and spread out between the ‘joint’ owners. This means they share responsibilities for running the business and also share the profits. Being a partnership the partners may agree to draw up a Deed of Partnership. This is a legal document that covers such issues as:The objectives of businesses in the private sector used to be different form those in the public sector. However, since 1979, many of these differences have been eliminated.

Most of this unit focuses on objectives in the private sector. Simons Vision Statement show the main objectives of the company and what they hope to achieve. Simons Plans and Objectives for the coming years: Simons Construction recognises the need to develop their environmental position and demonstrate to customers and employees the need for quality construction and innovative design. In early 1999, Simons appointed an Environmental Manager to promote awareness of the environment within the company.

The formation of the Environmental Squad which was comprised from all groups companies, to develop an overall environmental approach towards construction following the Group Environmental Policy Statement, approved by the Board in September 1999. During the next twelve months, Simons shall be maintaining a focus on caring for the environment, and developing a detailed environmental policy statement. Many of the issues covered will be those pertinent to sites, but shall also be the developing the position on office activities, transport, purchasing and the role in Design and Build projects.

Within Simons, there policy is to do everything simply better and earlier than their competitors, this basically means that they would concentrate on few high-profiles environmentally less damaging rather than many high impact environmental projects. Following the success of the waste segregation exercise in the scaffold yard in Lincoln, they intend promote the use of segregated skips as the normal on sites. Where only single skips are practical, he plan to ensure that these are sent to waste transfer stations to ensure that recyclable waste is separated before the remainder is disposed of the landfill or incineration.

They shall also be addressing a number of other waste issues including: 1. Recycling of trade-specific waste with partner subcontractors, 2. Additional recycling of office and site consumables, 3. Practical ways of dealing with cardboard and polythene waste, both on site and in there offices. Throughout the coming months Simons will be trying to maintain and focus on the prevention of pollution from out sites, paying particular attention to the storage and use of fuel and chemicals, and the prevention of silt build up and the entrance of it into sewage plants. Simons are committed to the quality of service that the supply.

The effectiveness of the companies departments reflect the service which the supply. This is supported by the many awards won by the company for the quality of construction and service the supply. These awards and accomplishments motivate the employees of the business to better themselves and the company to gain higher status in the world of construction. By my insight into the working of Simons and can make a fair judgment that the internal objectives that the company and set are realistic and obtainable. These small but important steps increase the possibility that the company can better itself.

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