Shrim Industry Assingnment

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Murray would facilitate the discussion by explaining the current market conditions, problems associated and future practices that would stabilize the industry. Market conditions: Wild shrimp :- (I) Currently wild shrimp industry contributes 60% revenue of shrimp industry . (it) It provides employment on a large scale and generates income to poor coastal areas. Aquaculture * The aquaculture industry generates 40% of revenue of shrimp industry. Provides employment to the farmers in non cultivating period. Social benefits:

Aquaculture was essential part of blue revolution and helped feeding the worlds hungry by increasing the supply of affordable food . Wild shrimps are healthier and are concentrated source of antioxidants. Problems: Ecological * Marine habitat is over exploited due to excessive unregulated fishing * Usage of harmful methods such as cyanide fishing and dynamite fishing * Mangrove forests are rapidly disappearing I. E 38% of global mangrove deformation is linked to shrimp farm development. Regulatory * No proper regulatory rules to avoid illegal practices.

Solutions: Avoiding over exploitation by enforcing proper regulatory rules * Registration of shrimp industry and farmers thereby reducing illegal farming. * Proving them with a model which explains the different possibilities when different methods are employed. 1) Deplete -Deplete model employs aggressive fishing without limitations thereby increasing the supply and decreasing the prices which in turn increases the demand. The profit margin is low currently shrimp industry follows this model which focuses on short term profits. )

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