Should the Illegal Immigrants in the US Be Deported

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???Immigrants create San Francisco??? is common sense people around the world acknowledge to praise the contributions immigrants have made. America, as we all know, positioned as the most prosperous and humanistic country in the world, gives immigration a very crucial role due to its function forming the diverse culture of America. Every year, thousands of immigrants move to the United States, seeking superior living conditions such as employment, welfare and education. However, that movement inevitably raises a bunch of social issues, of which the most apparent and controversial one is illegal immigration.

Based on this situation, debates about immigration reform were fiercely triggered in public recently. My topic is how to treat illegal immigrants in immigration reform, and the argument is mainly divided into two groups. A group of people thinks illegal immigrants are more risky than we think. They must be deported. While another group believes that the advantages illegals bring to America outweigh any harm they do, so Americans should treat them with justice and give them a pathway to citizenship.

Based on the information I have gathered during my previous assignments, I support the latter position. Some of American citizens think that illegal immigration should not be allowed in the United States, for the sake of keeping the society healthy. Their hostiles come from numerous negative reports about illegals, such as they change American culture, commit crimes or take social benefits from legal citizens. For instance, San Francisco, which has been virtually turned into a Chinese city, is losing its American cultural symbols among the buildings, city structures and life styles.

It can be imagined that with increasing Chinese elements in San Francisco, native employees will no longer exist and the city???s business finally will be under Chinese control INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Lalor). But I don???t think so. No matter how many immigrants are working in San Francisco, its government is still under American control. Their common goal is to enlarge prosperity of San Francisco and thousands of data and cases have proved that San Francisco is serving as a vital economic, cultural and tourism center to the world.

Under immigrants??? efforts, San Francisco becomes more and more tolerant, prosperous and famous. Its residents claim to have the most happiness of people in any American city. They feel very proud of their hometown. Despite some isolated issues, I think the problems, created by illegals, are kind of understandable to some degree. In fact, there are 12 million undocumented immigrants in the Unites States currently, and the number is still gradually growing. They move in this country without valid identities, and some of them actually benefit from using social infrastructures INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Wang).

What caused this phenomenon, obviously, is the leak in the immigration system. Apart from the weak security on the border, the visa quota system is unfair, too INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Zheng, ???Survey Report???). Do you think it is rational that a country with large population like China has the same annual visa quotas as Iceland? After immigrants make an effort to enter this country, what they find is that there is no pathway for them to overcome the barriers everywhere in American society. Besides, their children are also suffering from parents??? identities.

College education is not provided at the same condition to these innocent children INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Zheng, ???Interview Report???). Under this circumstance, illegal immigrants would inevitably break laws, aiming to survive. As far as I am concerned, illegal immigrants have positively impacted the American society so far. First of all, Illegal immigrants boost the economy. Unlike the normal employees, illegal ones are willing to accept low paid jobs, which are considered, unsatisfactory by other people. It is interesting that a respondent in my survey report answered that the illegals, do not compete with them.

On the contrary, illegals play a complementary role to do basic jobs, which helps the professionals save labor and costs and they can effectively focus on the work they are doing INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Zheng, ???Survey Report???). From this angle, all social economic elements are able to operate towards an improving trend. The second advantage illegals might provide is investment. As the era has been changing, there is no longer evidence to believe all the undocumented immigrants are rescued from their native countries out of economic reasons.

Some persons might own millions in assets but they have to find another ways to immigrate because of the insufficient visa quotas. When they manage to settle down in the United States, they fail to begin their business due to their invalid identities. As a result, this kind of illegal immigrant may tend to invest money into friends??? companies or deal with other black markets avoiding public notice INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Zheng, ???Survey Report???). It is depressing that they have the ability to make a contribution to society but they are restricted. So America should give possibility to these potential growth opportunities.

The last merit illegals bring to America can be defined as a signal. Undoubtedly America is the most diverse country in the world, and it must accept every possibility no matter how well or bad it might be. If the American government announces to the whole world that they are not going to deport all the illegal immigrants, is it a positive signal to show American pardons. By giving up this signal, America can successfully change the American stereotype, which is strict, towards the external world. Meanwhile, it is also a significant way to attract more excellent immigrants, as well as supports to the ruling party.

Despite the understandable demerits, I am convinced that the American government has been aware of the importance of a comprehensive management of illegal immigrants. Accepting them positively impacts the economy, creates potential investment and enables display of the American humanitarian spirit. America has the possibility to become a leading country only if it can completely redesign an immigration reform, whose paramount goal is to make every immigrant a taxpayer. So it is time to make a decision. It is time to pave the way for illegals and direct them into the light, instead of deporting them.


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